Decluttering My Kitchen with Mambo’s

Decluttering My Kitchen with Mambo’s


I think with having lockdown thrust open us and no help in the home has made me think about if my home is working for me or is all the clutter and mess making me take longer to do basic tasks?

It is definatly the latter and this week I decided to change that. I need a kitchen space that can work for me. I do not have a huge kitchen with loads of space, nor a laundry nor a scullery like I used to have in both of our houses in Tulbagh so I need to downscale and only keep the things that really work for me. I was ruthless this week. Donating and throwing all the things out that I do not use. And the things that I have been left with have been organised in such a user friendly way.



I went onto the Mambos website and did a little bit of online shopping. Have you been onto their website? It is so easy to navigate and the items arrived in a few short days. I decided to concentrate mainly on my cleaning supply cupboard and my fridge.

First for my cleaning supply cupboard, I bought some blue plastic storage baskets with lids (I am using the lids underneath as trays) to separate all the different cleaning producds and I bought some glass jars with lids to hold all my cleaning pods. I am pretty happy how it has come out but I think I need some hooks on the inside of the cupboard to hang a few cloths and some reusable shoppers.

Then I went on to my fridge. Now this was a labour of love. I was shocked at how grubby and disorganized everything in there was. I have a small fridge and I needed it to work for me. I am just loving all the different fridge organization they have on offer there. Now I feel so pleased with. myself and cleaning and cooking has taken on a great joy again. I am also finding that my anxiety levels have gone down alot while decluttering and everthying is so much easier to find and my kitchen is working so much better for me. I am winning on all fronts!

And you can win too! Mambos is so kindly giving away a R500 gift voucher to one of my Instagram followers. Please enter here.





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