Characterful Personalised Children’s Book

Characterful Personalised Children’s Book



Elijah had such a special gift sent to him, a personalised storybook from Characterful.

Elijah is really loving reading at the moment and it is so special to have a book with your name in it and defiantly makes reading more fun. Since Elijah was a tiny baby I have always read him a bedtime story, also on our lazy weekends we lie in bed with hot chocolate and I read  to him. The benefits for reading to children is massive and something I really enjoy. Although now whenever I am reading to him he reads on ahead and tells me all the bits he can read which as proud as I am can be a bit distracting!

“At Characterful, we produce stories of adventures and journeys. You’ll find books with pirates and mermaids, elves and astronauts. With unique characters, you can put anyone you want at the heart of our story.

It takes only seconds to choose and personalised a book for your child. You can choose from ten different characters and select your preferred language to ensure this becomes a treasured book for years to come. Perfect for your 2 – 8 year old, they’re professionally bound with wipeable covers and have the option for you to add a personal message for the ultimate keepsake.”

We were given the hardcover option plus a soft cover colouring in book also with Elijah in it, I am hoping it will encourage Elijah to colour more as that is not really something he enjoys, he prefers to do “blueprints” of helicopter and spaceships but he does need to colour as it is so beneficial to his development.

I think ths would make such a special birthday present for a grandchild, Niece, Nephew or Godchild.

It is such a special story and Elijah wants to read it again and again.




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