Spindel Laundry Dryer Review: What every eco friendly home needs.

Spindel Laundry Dryer Review: What every eco friendly home needs.




What can I say about the Spindel Laundry Dryer except that it is utterly fabulous and really consider getting one if you can.

I had actually been eyeing out the Spindel for a while and was so excited when I was asked if I would review one. From the moment it arrived I have started loving doing the laundry. I really do not like having laundry hanging all around inside my house. For one thing it is unsightly plus damp laundry makes my house cold, also it takes so long to dry inside that inevitably it will start to smell musty and I have never had a tumble dryer  as I am too conscious of the huge amount of electricity it uses. I must just say that a spindel is NOT a tumble dyer, it is an air dryer. It uses the same amount of electricity that a 60 watt lightbulb would use being on for 15 minutes. It also uses no heat and does not damage your clothes at all. I have used it on my big chunky jerseys that I had hand washed and they were perfect. Before that I would hand wash all my knits and then lay them flat to dry but it was taking days and days and who has time for that or the space in their house?


So how do I do my laundry? I use my front loader washing machine, as soon as it has finished I take it over to my spindal and spin dry the load of washing for three minutes. You will be amamazed about the amount of water that will come out of the machine plus it removes any left over detergent which is amazing for this allergic family and actually makes the clothes and bedding softer. What the spindel Laundry Dryer does is basically spin the excess mouisture out of your clothes in only 3 minutes making them 80 percent dryer than coming straight from the washing machine. You collect the water in a little bowl from the bottom of the machine and use it elsewhere. My plant babies are loving the water. You must place the smaller more delicate items at the bottom and end with the heavier items on top, I also fold the laundry before I put it in the dryer. Place a small bowl underneath the water collection spot, close the dryer and leave for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes I switch it off and take the laundry out and hang it straight onto hangers and hang them from a clothes horse in my spare room. After a couple of hours they go strainght into the cupboard still on their hangers. I have no time for ironing in this house.

This is also great for people who work as I often used to need to get up so early to be able straightto put a load of laundry on so that it would dry by the end of the day and not go musty but now you can do laundry anytime of the day as your clothes will dry inside your house over night. Bonus!

We have the larger  6.5 kg Spindel and it fits most loads of laundry from my washing machine (they say 4 king sized sheets will fit in at the same time) yet the actual dryer is so light and I can carry it around. It also does not need to be plumbed in anywhere and can be stored in a cupboard until needed.

Elijah either had food poisoning or a tummy bug this weekend, really not sure how he would have picked up a tummy bug without going anywhere, and you know how much laundry that makes! He had huge vomits in my bed and it soaked through my fluffy blanket, duvet clover, sheets and undersheeunder-sheett, plus his pyjamas and lots of towels. Sunday was so rainy and normally I would dread having to get up and start on all the laundry and have dripping laundry hanging from every available space in my house. No longer. I did all the laundry and it dried inside in record time. What they advertise is that your laundry will dry overnight hung up inside and I have tried it and it works. I really wish I had this when Elijah was in cloth nappies as I have heard it is amamzing for that as us cloth mama’s know how long those nappies take to dry and would actually save you money as you would not need to buy as many nappies.

For those technical people needing this info:

4.5kg or 6.5kg Load Capacity

  • Load up to 4 king size sheets in the
    6.5kg model
  • Ideal for any machine or hand-washed

Spin Drying Power

  • 2800rpm – double the spin power of
    most washing machines
  • Removes significantly more moisture
    in just 3 minutes


Save Time and Money

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Air dry laundry faster or run a much
    shorter cycle in the tumble dryer



4.5kg Spindel 6.5kg Spindel
Model number SPL145 SPL265
Height 546 mm 640 mm
Width 362 mm 385 mm
Weight 8 kg 8.7 kg
Capacity 4.5 kg 6.5 kg
Drum Stainless Steel
Power 230V-50Hz (300W)
Speed 2800 rpm
Motor Thermo-protected



Seiously if you are on the fence about this go get one.

You can buy the 6,5kg Spindel for R2599 from Takealot here.

and the 4,5kg Spindel for R2299 from Takealot here.






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