Elijah Turns 5 And Has A Lego Party



And just like that, you turned 5. Elijah, you are my most precious gift. Your laugh brightens up any room, you have such an infectious giggle that even the most hardened of people join in. I could stare into your deep blue eyes with the crazy black lashes for days. One day when you are big you will read this and then know that I often watch you while you are sleeping. You are wise beyond your five short years but with a childlike charm that stops people in their tracks to look at you and smile.



I cannot believe that it was just over five years that I was lying in a hospital bed waiting for you to grow a bit bigger. I have preeclampsia and had been in the hospital for the past two weeks. The doctor thought I still had an extra week to grow you and would Ceasar me at 37 weeks but you had other ideas. Your daddy wasn’t even home from working up the country and was due back and the day you decided was the right time to meet us. During the night of the 25th September, you went into distress and I had to have an emergency Ceasar the next morning. My life was forever changed and our love affair with you began.



Elijah must have changed his mind about 100 times (all the mamas with kids the same age are nodding their heads) about what party theme you wanted. I finally nailed you down to one. We now have the next five years sorted. A LEGO party. I love to do everything myself and that also keeps the costs down. The only expensive party of the party was hiring the most magical magicians. The kids were screaming with laughter the whole 45 mins. For decor, I used all the LEGO lying around. I have beautiful LEGO storage boxes and they were the centrepiece. I struggled for days and days to mage a LEGO cake stand (who knew this job would be so technical) but I think it finally came together quite well. The cake was an ice cream cake as requested by Master Rea. I got a few ice cream cake quotes but they were actually out of my budget. Instead, I went to the Gattis factory shop and bought 2 x 2l of full cream ice cream and some sprinkles. Over a few days I would soften layers of ice cream and add it with sprinkles to a large springform cake tin that I would then out back in the freezer. The cake was a huge hit. I bought some sugar cones and the kids each got an ice cream cone (and some of the adults too). I also found on Pinterest adorable marshmallow LEGO heads on sticks and whipped some of those up. The kids loved them and they all said they tasted amazing too! So often when I have made pretty little Pinterest party ideas they have tasted awful.



Elijah said he had the best day ever! So it really was worth the effort. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us and spoiled my boy with love and presents. It was really early to bed for both of us that night.



Thanks so much to @annene_photo for the beautiful photos of Elijah’s party!





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  1. Heather

    Such a good idea about the cake and the lego! Well done.

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