My MeMi Jewellery Pendant

My MeMi Jewellery Pendant





I was so honored when MeMi Jewellery contacted me to ask if they could make me a personalized piece of jewelry from their Inside Story Collection.

“The Inside Story Collection is not only beautiful to look at, but the pendants reveal treasures that are shared only with those you choose. Your pendant design is completely unique, from the symbol on the outside to the message you would like on the disc underneath.”

After Darrell died I started wearing his wedding ring on a chain around my neck with a cross my mother had given to me as I wanted to always have it close to me. A few months after Elijah and I moved to Cape Town I had just had a swim and I was lying next to the pool on the wooden decking, As I stood up I felt the ring slip from my neck. I was lying on my stomach and the cross had slipped down the gap in the decking and as I stood up it hooked on the wood and broke the chain and the ring fell off. To this day I cannot believe that the ring never slipped between the slats to disappear forever but instead came to rest on one of the pieces of wood. I have been thinking for ages about how to wear his ring again when I was contacted by MeMi.

They created a beautiful personalized white gold and sterling silver pendant with an inscription on the pendant. I chose the Faith Story as I feel that God was always such a huge presence in our marriage. I plan to now wear Darrell’s ring with this pendant around my neck.

I always get very emotional around this time of the year as another anniversary of his death is coming up but I am now a bit reassured knowing I have his ring close again.

I have a competition on my Instagram where you can win a beautiful Inside Story Pendant for yourself from MeMi Jewellery.

Thank you so much MeMi Jewellery, you have given me something I shall treasure for ever.






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  1. Lee

    What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing it Ang

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