Grand Little Adventure Photoshoot​

Grand Little Adventure Photoshoot​

When the beautiful shining light that is Tabitha Mee from Grand Little Adventure said she would love to do a photo shoot of Elijah and I, I did not hesitate to say yes. I had seen some of her work before and I just loved it. It is what I want my photography to look like when I grow up. Hehe. And I can not wait to do her photography workshop that she will be running in Winter. I think she captured the mother/son bond between us so beautifully and I am going to treasure these pictures forever. Tabs came and spent an afternoon with Elijah and I doing what we would normally be doing around the house. My little guy is growing so fast but because I take photographs of him all the time it takes having someone else take pictures of him to show me by how much. There are so many more beautiful shots but these are my favorites, I just love Tabitha’s black and whites and I think you will too. So this is four!











A little bit about Tabitha Mee:




I am a mother of a sweet two-year-old, a wife, a big lover of travel, mild curry, honest conversation and all things creative. I am most at peace when I am in Nature.

Taking pictures makes me incredibly happy. I have been photographing primarily weddings (under Illuminate Photography) for the past nine years, and when my son was born in 2016, a new-found love for documenting little people and family connections was ignited.

I am aware of the fragility of time every single day, and desperately trying to hang on to these little moments that pass so quickly as I watch my son grow from one developmental stage to the next. This has made me all the more aware of the absolutely timeless value of photographs.





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  1. Patricia Jacj

    Gorgeous photos taken with such sensitivity. Loved them all

    1. Angela Rea

      Thanks! I thought so too. Definitely some for my walls here.

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