Life At The Moment

Life At The Moment

Hello, we are still here. Busy but still here.

I have spent quite a bit of time rationalizing to myself that a blog is not necessary as I microblog over here on Instagram. It is the whole do people click through to blog post anymore issue. And while I have been deciding on that my blog has taken a back seat to Instagram. But I have now come to the conclusion that I do want both, and for very different reasons. I started this blog so that I had somewhere to write my feelings down, to try and heal myself through writing, and also to showcase fabulous things or places that I have found and that Elijah and I love. I love writing and I have been missing it lately so we are BACK! I also feel the Instagram and blogging is so different and there is place for both.




The last part of the year and beginning of this year has been extremely busy, what with life happening and my work and events and also Elijah’s modeling and acting. I definitely did not realize that he would be as busy as he has been but we are still both loving it and feel so proud of all Elijah is achieving. His favorite by far is being on a tv commercial set. I must say I also love it. I am not allowed to watch him acting as the parents are a distraction and as they are also filming sound so outside noise needs to be as quiet as possible. But we he gets brought back to me he has such a sparkle in his eyes and the production team always tell me what a superstar he has been.




Apart from all Elija’s work we have just been working our way through the exciting changchallengesllanges of a new year. Elijah is no longer in the baby class at his school and I have just applied for him for Grade R at our preffered primary school. I can not believe it has come to that time already. When I look at the babyclass at his current school all the children look so tiny and I can not believe that was Elijah just a year ago!

Elijah is growing like a weed and also becoming such a treasure. H has always been such a confident little chap and I just love seeing how he will play with nurture the little ones. I am so proud of how he is growing up and I know his dad would be super super proud as well. Obviously, I still miss Darrell like crazy and with each little new step Elijah takes it breaks my heart that Darrell isn’t there to see it nor cheer me on with how I am raising our boy.

I have a few big things on the horizon blog and Intsagram wise which I will be sure to tell you all as soon as I get the go ahead. Also, I am sure most of you saw that our beloved Betty’s Bay house almost burnt down. Fires are so hard for me for obvious reasons and this one was especially bad as we have so many memories of that beautiful place but the good news is that the garden is growing back at a crazy speed and they have started building work to repair all the damages, sadly our Blue Gum forest will never get back to what it has been but perhaps we can do something else in that space.



I would love to send out a prayer request that Elijah gets into our preferred school. Getting a place in a local school in the Western Cape is so crazy difficult and once I know he has got a place I will be able to relax a bit.

Have a great weekend and chat soon.

Angie and Elijah




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