We Test Out Woolworths In The Bag Meal Kits

We Test Out Woolworths In The Bag Meal Kits


After school, while doing a grocery shop there was a lovely lady in our local Woolworths doing a food demonstration on their meal kits. I have tried a few other brands and really loved cooking them. I wasn’t so keen on the one she was cooking but she showed me to the others and said she had a really lovely one with Chorizo in it. Little smartie pants pipes up “mama I love chorizo” To be honest I can not remember ever giving any to him but it was his fathers absolute favorite. Elijah told me he wanted to cook it with me and it must be the one with chorizo in it. Sweet child. So I paid for our groceries and we went home to cook.

Really if a four-year-old can cook this meal anyone can! He just had some help with me opening some of the containers and switching on the gas. And yes I kept a very beady eye on him with the hot stove. And also with him trying to eat all the chorizo before it went in the pan!




The portions were massive and between the two of us, we did not even get through half of it. We made Spanish Chicken And Chorizo. A play on a Spanish -style chicken paella. Free range chicken fillets, smokey chorizo, tomato, peas and perfectly cooked rice topped with creamy feta. All the ingredients were very fresh, the rice was premade and it took about 15 mins to cook. It really took me back to my childhood of eating paella from the pot with crusty bread with my Spanish grandfather and French granny. The only tip I would give is that I would not add any extra salt as per the recipe card as it was salty enough. I might also have possibly turned my back for a second when Elijah got a bit enthusiastic with throwing more salt in.

Elijah was wearing his new Trendlings apron that is just so beautiful. The fabric is an original Watercolour Heart Illustration print. He is such a funny guy and will only cook if he has an apron on! Future celebrity chef maybe?





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