Elijah Turnes Four And Has A Mickey Mouse Party

Elijah Turnes Four And Has A Mickey Mouse Party


Gosh, do I even remember how to write? For all those following my journey, I am so sorry. My words seem to be jumbled up in my head. Also, we have had so much on that is taking up all my time but I promise to write more frequently. If you are on Instagram catch me here as I am quite active on that platform.


Well, where to start? Obviously with the most important bit. Elijah turned four. And what an exciting birthday it was. He told me the other day that he can not believe he is now four and he feels so different. I just love hearing what comes out of his mouth and how his little brain works. He went to school on his actual birthday. I made cupcakes with an E on the chocolate ganache for his birthday ring at school. From the pictures, his teacher sent me it looks they all had so much fun! That afternoon we had a family party at our home. I make a giant chocolate ganache cake which I filled with caramel treat. It seemed to go down a treat with everyone. Elijah loved having his cousins over and his grandparents and great aunt and uncle. That evening my dad took us out for a hamburger ( Elijah’s favorite) to celebrate.



And then the big birthday party! I had decided to keep it quite a low key until I realized all the kiddies Elijah wanted to invite! He had told me months ago that he wanted his fourth birthday party to be a Mickey Mouse one and then his fifth birthday party to be a spiderman one. And that he needed to dress up as Mickey Mouse. At that stage, Mickey Mouse was not so fashionable and so I struggled to find decor items. It has since become known that it is Mickeys’ 90th birthday this year and you cannot go to the shops without seeing Mickey Mouse everywhere.


We started with the outfit. I did not really want to spend money on a costume he would just wear once so I found an outfit on Nextdirect and showed it to Elijah. He immediately went OOOH that is what Mickey wears. With his approval I ordered it and it arrived a few days later. I then started on the decor. I found some vintage Mickey and Minnie wooden posters and based everything around them. I also bought lots of fairy lights and made some black Mickey Mouse bunting. Who knew how hard Mickey Mouse bunting was to cut out! I also painted some old jars with blackboard spray paint, stuck cheap Mickey Mouse toys that I bought in China town on top of the lids and sprayed that with an all surface silver metallic paint. I thought these were so effective. I bought Elijah’s name spelled out in silver ballon letters from China Town as well. Some beautiful red freesias completed the look.



I started baking quite a while before the event as I knew I was doing it all myself. I made dark chocolate Mickey lollypops and white chocolate Minnie ones. I found on Pinterest a clever way to make Oreo cookies into cute Mickeys with different colored chocolate. It looked so simple. In reality, it took me two full days to complete. I never had any sweets on the kid’s table and none of them seemed to miss them. There was quite a bit of chocolate though but there was also fruit, popcorn, and pretzels. For the grownups, I baked a lemon meringue pie and a lavender, lemon and cranberry cheesecake. Both seemed to go down quite well. Obviously, there was lots of coffee. And then there was the cake. Elijah’s one granny found the most gorgeous Mickey Mouse figurine while they were away in England. I made a very tall cake with black icing and put the figurine on top and some silver candles and sparklers. The kids loved it!!



Elijah had also specifically asked for there to be a pinata. I found a local lady to make a big Mickey Mouse one and I filled it with marshmallows and bouncy balls. The children also did sandart and played musical statues to the Baby shark song. Each child got a party pack to take home with a packet of chips, stickers, slime and a Chomp inside.




After the party, I was so tired but happy. My baby had had the best birthday and that made me smile. I missed Darrell like crazy and just wish he could see how our boy is growing up.


Anenne was a guest at the party but as an amazing photographer and awesome friend, she doesn’t go anywhere without her camera and I am so glad that she brought hers along to the party. Thanks for the pictures Annene! I absolutely adore them!!

Annene does capture kiddies parties as a proffesion and does other shoots too.









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  1. Lynette

    Absolutely love your cake and wish I was a mom in order to qualify for the lovely cheesecake! xx

    1. Angela Rea

      Thanks! I was quite impressed with how it turned out! You qualify for cheesecake her any day! Xx

  2. I love their outfits!! I had a Minnie Mouse themed party for my daughter’s first birthday and I wish I’d gotten her Minnie ears. So cute! Omg my cake looked soo horrible lol. I love the lollipop idea!

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