To A Younger Me

To A Younger Me

Yes the title of this blog post is a little bit tongue in cheek but can we just take a little bit of time to talk about an important topic? Self-care! Over the years of being a mama I have totally neglected myself. Everything is for Elijah. When I go to the shops I only ever come back for things for my little boy. Does that sound like you too? I have totally forgotten that in order to be a happy healthy mama I need to devote some time to myself. I am an older mum and I am now on a mission to get younger looking so that Elijah will never be teased at the school gates for having an old looking mama.

I plan to devote some time to this cause. I want to get back into running and the gym, having no nanny is making such tasks harder but I promised myself I will now make the time. Two years ago I was so into my running. I signed up for The Peninsular half marathon. At 21 km it was far but I was confident I would be ready to run it. Well, life got in the way I did not do as much training as I had wanted. Come race day and I was very unprepared. Throw in a black southeaster and I am amazed I did not seriously hurt myself. I did the race but I think the effort put me off running for a bit but I am raring to get back into it.

Also as I am sure not many of you know but I am a makeup artist which sounds strange as I hardly ever wear any! My mornings are consumed by Elijah, waking him up, getting him and dressed and into the car. No time for primping and preening from me but I aim to change that!

To help me along the way Almay sent me some fabulous newly launched products to try out. I received this big beautiful box and it was like my birthday all over again. The products I received where





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