How To Shop Zero And What I Did For Plastic Free July

How To Shop Zero And What I Did For Plastic Free July




So tomorrow is the last day of plastic free July and I would like to share what I have learned and the changes I have made. The changes are now a habit and I shall be carrying them forward and I hope you will do the same.



I am by no means a “green mom” but just an ordinary girl over here wanting to do better and it terrifies me what we are doing to our envoirment and the state we are going to leave our planet to our children in. I wanted to do this Plastic Free July to show all us normal mums out there what can be done with such little change.




Firstly I went to go meet with Janneke from Shop Zero in Woodstock near to The Biscuit Mill to see if she had any ideas for me. Her shop is amazing. They promote waste free-living and sell things to help you on your waste-free and more natural journey. The idea is to bring your own containers and buy their product that is stored in jars. They also sell a huge selection of reusable coffee mugs and water bottles for all ages. All natural toiletries for men and women that is waste free. They also sell cleaning and household products to help your home become waste-free and they also sell everything online too making it that much easier for us all. Janneke’s dedication to the cause is so infectious that I definitely decided that as a household we need to be more conscious of our environment.

This is a little bit about Shop Zero in their own words: Shop Zero was founded by Janneke in August 2017 when she took the leap to reach her dream. Quickly thereafter she launched a crowdfunding campaign to open a zero waste, plastic-free lifestyle store.  Towards the end of the campaign, during their kids’ playdate at the Two Oceans Aquarium, friends Elza and Janneke decided to forge a partnership and bring Shop Zero to life.  Soon after Janneke’s friend from her postnatal yoga group, Abigail, joined Shop Zero as a third partner. The three mommas felt that together they could create a productive space to help the community understand the needs of our environment and care for it accordingly – ensuring a long and beautiful existence for future generations.

Shop Zero has gone from strength to strength. First as a dream, then a concept, then the online store to an actual store in the upbeat Woodstock. I spent hours in there browsing the different ways I can improve my household while still using very functional products. Everything is ethical and thought over and I felt so good about myself walking out of the beautiful shop with the lovely goodies that I had bought. I can’t wait to go back for more.

These are the things I gave up this month; first was disposable nappies. Even though Elijah is so nearly night time potty trained I decided this was the best time to go on over to cloth nappies. I am now really not sure why it has taken me so long to make this change. The nappies are so easy to use and wash and after a while, they become quite cost-effective. I bought Elijah some Fancy Pants and I told them they are his big boy pants for night time and he believes me. Next is no take away coffee cups. Take your own reusable one. No biggie, just keep a clean one in the car, along with your reusable straws. I am using the bamboo ones are they are the most affordable and they are working out so well and easy to clean. Next is to carry around your reusable shopping bags. A few family members have commented on my “interesting” new handbag and `I have used that as an opener to educate them a bit on the cause. Pick N Pay is rolling out affordable brown paper bags that are very sturdy but other main retailers say they are having to wait for 2020!


I have also been using a shampoo bar, dry shampoo that is refillable and deodorant bought in stick form with no packaging.

I aim to bring Elijah up respecting and caring for our environment. Now I need ideas on what to cut out next.


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In conjunction with a few bloggers and our instagram handle Raising Them Green there is an awesome competition over here on Instagram. But today is the last day to enter. So get busy!

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Winner announced 31 July 2018.

The giveaway is open to SA residents only. Instagram is not affiliated with the giveaway.





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