The Unspoken:My Post Partum Anxiety Journey

The Unspoken:My Post Partum Anxiety Journey

A lot is written about post partum depression but not much about post part anxiety. In fact I never knew it existed until I got it.

Mental health is something that is always hushed up, especially when it happens after you have just had a baby. We want to seem like the best parents on earth and in actual fact there is so much stigma attached to being the best parent in the world. But how can that be? You do not get lessons on how to be the best parent, there is no app to download to future it all out. We just learn by trial and error which is something quite scary as we are using our new baby’s as guinea pigs.

Parenting is so scary in those first days, having just gone through something as miraculous and life changing, not to forget often traumatic birth. Those days for me where so dark. I was borderline psychotic but too embarrassed to admit that to anyone. I had had such a terrible time of trying to fall pregnant and then trying to keep the pregnancy that my doctor had warned me that often when that is the case there is some sort of emotional trauma once the baby is born. So I was warned about post part depression. But I did not ever hear anxiety thrown into the mix. Luckily Darrell sat me down and said I needed to speak to my doctor. My doctor was so concerned and sympathetic. I was prescribed some medication and is soon as they kicked in a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Whenever I hear about someone suffering in the same way I did I always take time to comfort them and let them know that they are not alone. I also treasure them that there is help to be had and it does work.




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  1. Jo-Anne Flynn

    This was me 6 months ago when Kade was born, scariest few days of my life. Experiencing such high anxiety I actually wanted to be admitted to a clinic at one point. So glad I got help so quickly. You’re not alone xx

  2. Kurian

    Nice post and beautiful pictures Angela

  3. I didn’t suffer PPA but I did get a pretty bad case of PPD. I just wrote a blog about my journey with it when I had my daughter back in 2013. I’m so glad that you got the help that you needed though!! I didn’t realize I had it for 3 years!

  4. lifewithlettie

    I love this so much! Power to you, my next post is going to be about my struggle with this too. Stay strong 💕

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