Blue Gum Country Estate

Blue Gum Country Estate


How lovely is Blue Gum Country Estate? For those of you who have been there you will know what I am talking about. And for the rest you will have to go see for yourself.

Elijah and I were invited to go and see what all the fuss was about. I was really happy as it fitted right in with our holiday plans and we would be up in that area anyway. But I would have happily driven up there just to go stay there.


Blue Gum Estate is about 15 mins out of Stanford in the countryside. Elijah and I had been staying in Woseley and took a leisurely drive up to Stanford. Stopping to see the sights in Hermanus and arriving in the afternoon at Blue Gum Estate. As we pulled up Elijah was oohing and ahhhing at all the space and after only being there for a couple of hours declared this place a kiddies paradise. We were shown to our very generous suite and completely made ourselves at home. The room was gorgeous. There was a king sized bed with the softest white linen, a lounge area with a large tv and fireplace, a kitchen area with a fridge and coffee and tea making facilities and a very large bathroom with a shower and bath. All with luxurious finishes and the best of everything. We did not want to leave our cosy home for the night but we felt we should go explore the farm, especially as Elijah had slept for two and a half hours in the car. There was just so much space. Perfect for kiddies to just run wild. Elijah very excitedly found the kiddies play area which consisted of a jungle gym with swings, two trampolines and a large sand pit with every type of sandpit toy you could imagine. It was hard getting him out of this area to go and get ready for dinner time.




Dinner was served in the main farmhouse area. It started at six o clock which was perfect for us. Roaring fires kept us nice and toasty. And the food was a definite main attraction. For the grown ups there was a choice of having a two or three course set menu and spaghetti bolanaise was on the menu for the kiddies. The staff were so accommodating and brought extra bread and butter for Elijah and catered to everything else we wanted. The meal was delicious. I chose to just have a starter and dessert (my best kind of meal) as Elijah had seen a takeaway place on our way through Worcester and asked if we could stop there so I was still full up from that. My butternut and coconut soup was so delicious and the tart I had for dessert was something to write home about.

We then chose a movie and went back to our suite to watch it. Elijah was so impressed as a “fairy” had come into our room while we were eating supper and turned down our bed, stoked the fire and left chocolates on our pillows. We watched our movie and then both fell asleep to the sound of peaceful farm silence. What bliss.

The next morning I was trying to persuade Elijah to let me sleep in a bit so I put his movie on again for him to watch. That lasted about five minutes until he begged me to go outside to play. I am so glad we did go out to play as the farm was even more beautiful with the early morning light and there was even a herd of cows lazily making their way across the field outside our bedroom door.

We then went on to breakfast which was so yummy. There was a stewed fruit crumble on the buffet that I have to get the recipe for. Elijah ate until his tummy was literally sticking out!

We ended our stay by playing around the farm and on the jungle gym. This really is such a lovely relaxing place to come unwind and next time we go we shall defiantly stay for longer. The fresh country air and open spaces are just what us city folk needed.

Thank you Blue Gum Estate for having us.






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