Winter School Holidays

Winter School Holidays

And just like that it is the Winter school holidays. Half way through the year. Half way to Christmas. Scary right?

Elijah had his last day at school yesterday. For the last two weeks whenever I drop him off he has asked if he can stay for after care, I always say no. He has also been telling everyone he sees that he is going to after care. This child is persistent. So yesterday when I dropped him off I said yes when he asked me again. I was worried that he might not actually understand that aftercare meant he would stay later at school and not see my until the afternoon. Well he had such a great time and asked if he can do it again. I might let him go once a week so that I can get a bit more work done. I love having him around but no nanny or cleaner means less time to concentrate on my work. I am no domestic goddess and house work takes me ages to get done!

So we are going away for the first week of the holidays! Yay! Some lovely quality time with just me and my son out of the city. I can not wait! We are first going to Tulbagh as I still think of that beautiful place as home. I hope we have some snow while we are there. We are the off to Blue Gum Country Estate in Stanford and lastly Grootbos just outside of Stanford. I can not tell you how excited I am to just get away and chill. Or as much chilling that you can do  with a three-year old boy.

Enjoy your holidays and travel safe if going away. If staying home keep warm!





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  1. Both Blue Gum and Grootbos are amazing – and Stanford is such a beautiful little town. Have the best time!

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