We Have Been POX’D!

We Have Been POX’D!

Just when you think you have it all sorted out. We have been nannyless for over a month now. It has been tough at times but I now feel that I have put all the practices in place to be super organized and to tackle being a solo parent without domestic help like pro. Our morning routine is spot on. We arrive at school, Elijah is not in his pajamas and bonus he has even eaten breakfast. Whether or not I am in my pajamas shall remain a secret.

Elijah’s bedtime routine is also the best it has ever been. He is in bed by 6.30 (probably helped by the fact that I tell him it is soooo late, *dreading summer time…*) and asleep by seven o clock. His meals are all healthy and for the first time since starting school I seem to have gotten his lunch box combination and size right!

My house seems clean and I am managing to get down to some much-loved work. Ok I confess, I do not iron, so I have a mountain of clean, crumpled clothes growing by the day in my spare room. I am actually loving the sense of accomplishment I have at the end of the day and reward myself an episode of the series I am watching at the moment.


And then we got pox’d. I got the dreaded message from Elijah’s school today saying they think Elijah has chicken pox. I stupidly enquired in my panic if they would like me to fetch him. I could almost hear them laughing through their phone’s message saying yes.

I am still not sure he has chicken pox but I suppose only time will tell. So for now we shall be watching lots of kiddie movies, doing puzzles, LEGO, reading and throwing all routine out the window. Here is to a messy house but a very happy child.

Please let me know if you have any tips in keeping a very lively three year old still for a few days.




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