Update On Life

Update On Life

Shew, it feels like it has been ages since I last posted. So much has happened and yet so little. We went away and spent an amazing few days on a farm in Wolseley and are already dreaming to go back. I finally got to visit Bosjes in Worcester and that did not disappoint. The blow-out om my tyre on the way there however was not awesome. We came back just in time to watch a beautiful royal wedding. I was so excited to watch this as my family and certainly Darrell’s family are all huge royal fans. Even though my mother is French she went to school in England and really sees that as home. I loved the wedding but I did not get that deep down excited feeling in my tummy that I have gotten for other royal events. I think I felt like this was watching a bit of a blockbuster wedding show. Or maybe it is because of what I have been through since the last Royal wedding which I watched snuggled up with Darrell not that long after our own wedding.


One of the biggest changes (and perhaps reason) I have had since I have last written is not have a nanny for a few weeks. It has been a huge adjustment! But actually one that I am loving so much. Elijah and I are so much closer and he seems to be a happier child, if that is possible. It does however mean I have almost no time for myself but in a way it is making me feel quite empowered.



Now this is where you guys come in. In order for me to carry on with no nanny I am going to have to become super organized. Something I have never been really good at. I need tips! I need to know how to work, clean, exercise, run my household and bring up a well-rounded child all on my own. Is that possible? Does that mean I must relax some of my rules? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I want to make this work. For both Elijah and I.

Please help out by leaving your tips in the comments.





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  1. laurenjappie

    Honestly if you can afford some help then make use of it if you can find good help. At least get someone in to clean, that’s something I eish I had regularly otherwise you’re over tired and have no time or patience. At least that’s how I feel at time and I have a hubby who is home evenings. But days with a toddler can be hectic when you are trying to work from home as well. You’d probably end up having to relax some rules, like no screen time of you aren’t able to entertain and play with kiddo all the time the way you’d like. Don’t get me wrong it can be done! I don’t have a nanny or a char and Saara only goes to half day play school twice a week. Hubby works late most evenings so it’s A one woman show most days and it takes its toll.

    1. Angela Rea

      I am just loving it just being the two of us but I know you are right! Xxx

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