Keedo Winter

Keedo Winter

Who struggles to find cute toddler boys clothes? I do! We have our favorite online stores but we also need jackets, jeans, jumpers etc. Whenever I go to the shops, especially at the beginning of a new season I always go and look at the little boys section. And guess what? I am always disappointed. There are always rails and rails for little girls and one tiny section for little boys. Why is that? Please if someone knows let me know. I also am definitely not one for dressing my child in character clothes or ones with massive prints on them. I am always looking for classic, well made clothes that look gorgeous and will last. Too much to ask?



Enter Keedo! So much choice for my little fashionista and the quality is just amazing. There are gorgeous garments for both little girls and little boys. I really had a hard time choosing what I wanted for Elijah because this time around while shopping I had too much to choose from unlike other shops that just have a few garish small boys clothes.




I chose a pair of jeans that have cute suspenders that can be removed and also an adjustable waistband which is necessary for my skinny, tall Elijah. I bought a beautiful yellowish shirt that just makes Elijah blonde hair sparkle when he wears it! Then I got a burgandy long-sleeved t-shirt and a matching wooly snood and hat. Elijah whole heartedly approves of the items I bought for him too.

Now we are all set for Winter. Except of course if I go back and get the rest of the items I had my eye on…..







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