My life Before

My life Before

Death ends a life, not a relationship. – Jack Lemmon

This is a long story so I am going to post it in a few parts. This is part one.

A lot of people always ask me about my life and how I ended up in Tulbagh. Most just presume Darrell was a local, maybe a farmer or something and I moved there to be with him. So I have decided to write our story, how we met, what led us to Tulbagh and having Elijah. This might be long winded and soppy so if that is not your thing look away now.

Darrell and I met when we were twenty years old. He was my best friends second cousin or cousin once removed (I am never really sure of the terminology). Caroline was still living at home and her parents had gone away so Caroline did what all young adults do in that situation and held a party. Darrell was on holliday from England and was staying there. It was the same night as a big dress up party in Cape Town which my other bestie and I were going to afterwards so I was dressed as a tiny fairy with a white latex dress on. As you did in the nineties. I met Darrell for the first time at the party. He had long blonde hair. I was not impressed. He however was impressed with this little fairy but alas I had a boyfriend and that was the end of that. Darrell apparently never forgot that fairy and says he then saw me on every trip he made to to South Africa after that party. I can not really remember that and blame all the nineties partying I did. Or maybe Darrell just imagined it which was also something too much ninties parting will do to you. Darrell would regualry come to South Africa because his sister had immigrated here.

Ten years passed (and maybe a few encounters but I am not sure) and Darrell then immigrated to South Africa. He said that whenever he visited South Africa and stepped out of the plane he felt like he was coming home. Darrell was born in England but spent the first ten or so years of his life living in Zambia and then moved back to England but he said that South Africa was where his heart was. This was even before he had decided to move here. He said he always felt like his future was here.

I would like to say that from that moment it was all hearts and roses but that was the furthest thing from the truth. He liked me and I did not like him, then I liked him but by then he had decided he really did not like me. In actual fact whenever we were around each other we would either be lovingly looking into each others eyes or fighting like cats and dogs. Which is quite strange because as a married couple we never ever fought. Ever! We loved to look back on that time as we both actually had so much fun and we would always laugh about how silly and childish we were. I am not sure when the shift happened but we would spend so much time together and then just like magic we were deeply in love!

To Be Continued.




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  1. Stephanie

    Can’t wait to read the rest, iam just so sorry u lost him my heart breaks for u

  2. Gayle

    Lookng forward to sharng your memories.

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