Slangkop Lighthouse With Adventure Clubs

Slangkop Lighthouse With Adventure Clubs


Elijah has been desperate to go and visit a lighthouse and be able to go inside one. Whenever I see this adventure on the Adventure Club app it is always full. So this time I put our names on the waiting list. A few days later I was sent a message to say that a space had come available, I was so quick to book that spot for Elijah and myself!

Slangkop Lighthouse in Kommetjie is the tallest cast-iron lighthouse on the South African coast and to me one of the most beautiful. Elijah was so excited to be finally going to see inside a real lighthouse. We arrived a bit early and unfortunately Elijah had fallen asleep in the car on the way there and was a bit grumpy but nothing would stop the excitement of being allowed to go inside a lighthouse. We waited in the parking lot for all the parents and their little ones. There were twenty children ranging from three years old to about ten.

The lighthouse is tall, very tall! There are metal stairs going all the way to the top on the inside. Please if you are your little ones are scared of heights this is not one for you. I am not quite sure how many steps there are but Elijah did brilliantly, me, I felt quite out of breath but happy to be getting in a bit of exercise after all the Easter treats. Once up at the top we had the most magnificent view! The area is really so beautiful, so rugged, I could have stayed up there all day. Alas being up there in a confined space (the top is surrounded by glass and not open to the elements) with twenty children and twenty adults and all that reflective glass it was getting very hot so we decided to make our way down. Now this is the tricky part if you have small children, the steps are very steep and a bit frightening. Elijah was initially not too sure he could go down and asked me to carry him but that would have been far too dangerous. I managed to convince him to walk slowly down the steps with me holding his hand. I was so proud of the way he went down. I could tell he was a little bit apprehensive but he made it down with a smile on his face! This much could not be said for all the children and there were many screams and crying coming from inside the lighthouse, with the echo it sounded like a torture chamber in there. But we all got out in one piece.

What a fun morning out. Thanks Adventure Clubs!






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