How I Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Widow: Celebrating all types of love

How I Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Widow: Celebrating all types of love

Happy Valentines Day. So yesterday was my Wedding Anniversary. I am not going to lie and say it was the easiest of days but I got through it. O went through all my wedding photos which I have not done in a very long time. It is amazing the different things I am noticing now. Darrell’s hands are something that I was staring and staring at. I always loved his long elegant fingers, even the hand with burns scars from a previous helicopter accident. I was staring so hard at the photographs imprinting the images in my mind. I cried at lot when Elijah went to school and in the evening we did a cousin’s Indian food evening at my house. 

For this Valentines Day I want to teach Elijah a few things. FIRSTLY how much I love him. Although I think he pretty much knows that but I see no harm in letting him know so more. Kisses and cuddles are the order of the day. Secondly and this is something that has haunted me how to do as Elijah’s daddy is in heaven. I want to start teaching him from a young age to respect girls. I always thought that a boy child learns habits of treating girls from the way his father treats his mother but I am now realising that I can also teach him this. I talk to him often about Darrell and how much we loved each other and how much we love/loved him. I just have to let him know how well his father treated me and I think we will be ok. His father was an utmost gentleman and I hope to raise Elijah to be the same.

I organized a little Valentines Day shoot to celebrate Elijah and I and I love how the photographs came out. Thank you so much to Lauren Joy Photography for the photographs and to Label Collections for the beautiful dress. I hope you all have a love filled day.




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  1. Lynette Knott

    Sending you lots of love today and your pictures speak volumes…your love for that little boy is endless xxx

  2. Bree

    So special ❤️

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