My Wedding Day

Today 13 February is my wedding anniversary. Not supposed to be my wedding anniversary but it is. Just because Darrell is no longer here does not mean this day does not exist anymore. It is a very emotional day for me. To try and make things easier for me I am cooking dinner for 12 people. Ps I think I might be crazy. It is family so if I fall apart they will understand.

Darrell and I got married at the Tulbagh court on 12 February for legal reasons and then went on to have our proper wedding on 23 February. We got married at Roodezandt. A beautiful fruit farm in Tulbagh. Jan and Karen were most impressed that we wanted to get married there as darrell had put out a huge fire there the previous year. I like to think Karen the owner gave us a lot of extra attention but I have a feeling she treats all her brides and grooms to be like that. Darrell’s father married us in the Tulbagh heat of February in a little stone chapel on the farm. no one will ever forget that moment as Roodezandt did not have air con in the chapel yet and everyone, including me the bride had sweat streaming down their faces. It did not help that there were millions of candles everywhere to set the scene.

We then moved onto the reception which was held in an old converted building on the farm that is over 220 years old. It was delightfully rustic with a touch of French flair. Everything was beautiful. The food was so delicious and the company even better. It was both Darrel and my best day of our lives.

Because of this day I decided to show you all some of my wedding photos.

Darrell and I got married in court on th Friday before as this was a legal requirement. We got married at Roodezandt in Tulbagh and it was the best day of both of our lives. Everything was perfect and oh so beautiful. Darrell’s father married us in a beautiful chapel on the property and we had the reception in an old barn on a farm. The decor was rustic with a French twist. The food was gorgeous but the company was better.




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  1. Lynette Knott

    The most beautiful and serene wedding pictures and just loved your story….so much love ! Trust your dinner with your family will be just perfect. xxxx

  2. ScottyK

    Beautiful photos Ang. Your love for each other is tangibly glowing xx 😢😚

  3. Teri-Jane

    Wow, looked like an amazing wedding day. We had rain alll day on our wedding instead of heat… I guess you can never plan for the perfect weather. Your photos are lovely, and your dress!!!!!!

  4. You looked gorgeous, sorry that it’s such a sad day now and its good you have a supportive family around you. Sending a virtual hug! xx

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