To Car Shop Or Not?

I think everyone who knew Darrell knew he was a car person. He changed cars as often as people change their socks. He loved buying cars for himself and for me. We had just bought our first home together and moved to Tulbagh when he decided to buy me a vintage flat-bed Landcruiser. Just for fun. I decided then that he was a keeper.

Many cars followed and on my 40th birthday he gave me a beautiful Mercedes (along with 39 other presents). Defiantly a keeper! But now here is my dilemma. Darrell had a four by four so my car was for comfortable driving back and forward when Elijah was born to Cape Town to show him off to family. Then tragedy struck, I lost Darrell and moved back to Cape Town. Now I just do not know if I can justify having such an expensive car and am considering changing to something a bit smaller and a bit more zippy. I have not decided what yet and am hoping that some of my readers will have some good ideas. I like having high safety reviews but am needing something smaller. In the meantime I have had my car’s value quoted by Carzar who have been very helpful, you just go onto their website for a free quote. I am also trying to not look at this as an emotional task as then I will never do it as my Mercedes was my 40th birthday present from Darrell.

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  1. lararsa

    The struggle is real Angela. I am holding onto our first brand new car we bought in 2008, but I know it is time for a trade in. My boys are sad to part with it. I’ve been putting it off for over a year, in fear of making a bad choice. Jody also loved cars, his parents named him after Jody Scheckter the racing driver.

    Hold onto your sweet memories, I loved hearing about them.

    I will be following the comments to see what cars are advised xx

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