Rose For Thorns by Shante Hutton

Rose For Thorns by Shante Hutton

Shante Hutton contacted me many months ago for a proposal to feature me on a very moving series about bloggers. Bloggers that have gone through personal tragedy. I listened to what she had to say and when I heard her reason for wanting to do this series I decided that this was defiantly something I wanted to be a part of. I have gone through most people’s nightmare. But so have other people. And with our grief and tragedy we hope to show everyone that you can rise up and carry on living. It is something I know Darrell would want me to do. Keep on living.



Even though I miss him on a daily basis (more like every minute) I know that he would want me to use that grief to become a better person. He would not want me to sit around all day in my pajama’s crying, he would want me to grab life by the horns and show Elijah how magical life can be.

Shante has gone through an immense life changing tragedy and I think it is because of this I felt like I knew her from the moment I met her. Shante had very grand ideas and not at any time did I feel uncomfortable even though she really took me out of my comfort zone if that makes sense. If you know me you will know how terrified I am of heights and Shante had me perched at the top of a ladder in an empty forest. Did I say the ladder was a bit broken and not particularly stable?

Shante had chosen five roses including herself and together with Tam McBraunsington of Tapestry dreamed up five exquisite shoots to go with each blog post. Each shoot surpassed the next. They are all so achingly beautiful and tender. I am so honored to have been a part of this blogger series. Thank you to all the contributors.

Please read my Rose For Thorns blog post that shante did and photographed here.

The Roses

Cindy Alfino

Jonelle Du Pont

Mariza Halliday

Shante Hutton

The service providers



Styling and concept development: Tapestry

Dresses: Jacoba Clothing

Gold Regal Crown: Magpie Calls

Ladder: My Pretty Vintage

Floral arrangements and gold leaf crown: Epanouir Floral Studio

Makeup & Hair: Inge-Marie Hair & Makeup





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