Adulting On A Friday

Sometimes I forget the I have to be a responsible adult. The second Darrell and I got married he took over all our finances, house payments, getting car insurance quotes etc. Yes it was probably a little old-fashioned but it is what worked for us. I never knew what policies we had nor with whom. I concentrated my efforts on running a beautiful home, growing fresh produce in our garden and doing girly things. Yes I drew the line at having anything to do with our chickens as I REALLY do not like them. And that was mans work. Our marriage suited us just perfectly. Until Darrell died. I had absolutely no idea about any of our finances. I did not know who are policies were held by nor did I know what policies we had. What did I know about getting a car insurance quote or life insurance? It took me a really long time to sort out all the admin that comes with settling up an estate. In actual fact I still have days where I have to deal with this. 

When Darrell died I was given his wedding ring back that he had on when his helicopter crashed. After a few weeks of not knowing what to do with it as it is so precious to me I decided to wear it around my neck on a chain that has my mothers St Christopher. I have worn it there ever since. The other day Elijah and I were swimming and playing around the swimming pool. I had just jumped out the pool while my step dad played with Elijah in the water to warm up a pit on the deck. As I got back up from the deck I felt my necklace being pulled. I saw that the cross had gotten stuck in the decking. Very nervously I grabbed the necklace as if it had fallen through the decking Darrell’s ring would have been lost to me for ever. But I had managed to save it. Later that day we were all having a lunch by the pool when my mum noticed that my necklace had come undone. I looked down and the clasp had broken. My heart raced and I dived back to where I had been lying down. Lying so beautifully on the decking was my loves ring and the St Christopher. One tiny step to the side and I would have lost both. These things are priceless to me. But it did get me thinking how to put a value on my things that actually do have a monetary value to me. My head has been in the clouds as to where and what I do.

I have started by getting a car insurance quote, something again that Darrell always did. He loved cars and took care of every aspect of that. Possibly buying too many cars but hey that is what he loved. I have been looking at Insurance companies and I have found the people at King Price Insurance so helpful. Especially when being bombarded with all the silly sorts of questions I can come up with! And next look into my household and personal policies. This February I have dedicated to getting all the over due admin tied up.

As for Darrell’s ring that is still something I am contemplating. Should I have it made into another piece of jewelry so that I can wear it properly, never a ring as my fingers are so tiny, or keep it for Elijah for when he is a grown up and will want something of his fathers?




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  1. Gayle Dicey

    Make it into something that you can wear that will be safe and have a meaning.
    You can still tell Elijah its story and give it to him.

    1. Angela Rea

      Thanks. I think that is what I am going to do. Xx

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