How Our First Week “Back” has been.

How Our First Week “Back” has been.

Elijah started his big school last Friday. He is such a natural leader and as all children always  seem to love him I was not concerned at all about this next big thing step of life for him. I knew he would walk into school and by the end of that first day he would be hi fiving the headmistress on his way out the school gates and getting all his new buddies cell phone numbers to add to a WhatsApp group for toddler fun. Well Friday went ok. All the little children were a little bit overwhelmed. Which was understandable. On Saturday Elijah and I attended a media event and he started acting so strange for him. He was crying in the children’s section and would not let me put him down when we got into the pool. And he normally loves swimming. I was chatting to all the mums there and we all agreed that it must be because of the big change in his life. Towards the end of the day he just stopped playing and climbed onto the couch next to me and lay down. So unlike him!

When we got home I took his temperature and was horrified to see that he had a fever. A  mild one but a fever none the less. How could I not have noticed this. It was a very hot day and we had been playing outside but I am still so cross with myself. By Monday he was still not well and I had also started with the same bad cold so obviuosly I kept him home from school. Tuesday was still the same but by Wednesday he seemed much better and did not have a temperature so I decided to send him to school as I was concerned that all the little children would be making friends with each other and he would be left out. I got a call from his teacher at 10 o clock on Wednesday morning to say that he had a coughing fit which had led to him vomiting and was just lying in the classroom. I raced over to fetch him and felt like the worst mom in the world. We came home and he had a long long nap and then perked up. Seeing that he was all better this morning I sent him on his merry way to school. He now tells me that no one wants to play with him, one child told him he was not allowed to play on the jungle gym with them and on Wednesday while he was there for an hour one of the children hit him.

Sigh. Double sigh. Elijah has such a huge imagination like any toddler and has lately been telling extravagant lies so I do not know what to believe. But either way my heart is breaking.

But it is almost the weekend and that I am happy about. We have a lot of exciting things planned, plus PLUS on Saturday my first blog post goes live on the Clever Little Monkey website. Please go and have a read and show me some support. I have been working so hard and am very excited about this new chapter in Elijah and my life. I know this year is going to go well for us and I have started to year on such a strong positive note.




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