Western Cape Drought  Day Zero Is Coming

Western Cape Drought Day Zero Is Coming

I am not quite sure when my longing for a bath has turned into terror of the unknown. What will happen when the taps are shut off on the projected April 21? And for how long will they be turned off for? I am terrified for my family. Who is going to go and sit in the queue at one of the 200 collection points for water to get my elderly parents their daily 25 lts? Who will then move these 25 lt drums into their cars? I would like to think I can but who will then do it for me and Elijah? Can I even pick up a 25lt drum? Well I am going to have to find out. Will this standing waiting for water be an all day affair, every day? What about jobs? School? How will they keep the schools open without any sanitation? How will we stay germ free? Is this something you are losing sleep over like I am?

I have been starting to go through my day imagining what it will be like without water. Well I have to start my day off with tea but then how will I clean my cup afterwards? Obviously a smoothie in my nutribullet is no longer a breakfast option. I bought it as it is so easy to clean but not so easy when there is no water. Will we all stop cooking healthy meals? How do we clean up after that? I suppose buying frozen ready-made meals must be the solution and eating out the containers or on paper plates. I have been stocking up on water, paper plates and paper towels etc for this day.

What about are clothes? There will not be water to wash them. I have started looking into ethical laundries using non potable water.

Our dams have basically no water left in them and the City Of Cape Town will switch off the taps before the dams run dry as they have to keep water for hospitals etc. I am deeply distressed that some people are still not taking this seriously and not thinking that Day Zero will arrive. What is going to stop it? We are all laying blame every which way BUT it actually does not matter who is to blame at this late stage as we are all in this together. I fear for all the nastiness that is going to come from a city all looking after their own. Survival mode is going to kick in. Things are going to get nasty. Not to mention what the criminals will think of to take advantage of the situation.

What if friends come over and ask to use the toilet? Will that become socially unacceptable? Will we stop going out and having people over? Will the gym close? Will they charge us while the gym is closed and if not will this lead to the gym having to close its doors permanently?

How about shopping centers and supermarkets? What will become of those?

Will our whole economy collapse?

These are all superficial things compared to the disease that can spread.

I am so worried. Are you?

Hang onto your hats because we are in for a bumpy ride. And please pray for rain.




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