The First Day Of (A Much) Big(ger) School

The First Day Of (A Much) Big(ger) School



Yes, my heart broke into a million little pieces. I thought I was ready for this. Elijah went to a tiny play school with two teachers and seven children last year. Their policy on learning was not to do any. And that is what I liked. Let them play! Let them be little. But my lovely boy out grew his playschool and I made the decision that as from this year he needed more structure with his schooling, more learning which is what he thrives on. So now he is in a proper school environment with lockers, cloak-rooms, a school bell and no nappies! Disclaimer-I did put a nappy on him this morning as his bowels had not  yet worked.

Last night Elijah fell asleep in my bed and instead of transferring him to his room as per usual and having a bit of an evening to myself, I climbed into my bed with him at 7 o clock and cuddled him all night long.

He was a little bit nervous this morning, he would not eat breakfast which is quite unlike him. We have been chatting about his new, big school all through the holidays, actually since we went to his orientation day last year in the fourth term and he has been so excited. When we arrived at school he was holding on tightly to me. Luckily one of his besties was also starting at the same school that day. They had staggered the little ones start days so that it would be less overwhelming for them and his little friend was strating on the same day. We walked into the classroom and he would not let go of me unti he saw the toys and loudly exclaimed “Oh it is just like his old school” and got on with the business of playing and did not look back at me. I took the gap and not even saying goodbye to him ,I raced out the door. I am not sure if it was more so he would not see me leaving or so that the teachers would not see me crying. The ugly crying happened in the car.

When I fetched him from school the teacher told me how happy and friendly he is and the first thing he told her was that he didn’t wear nappies anymore and to please take him to the bathroom to take it off. Score!

Today was a good day.








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