Happy New Year

Happy New Year

And we are BACK!

2018 has started off with a bang. I went to sleep on the last night of 2017 all sad and really missing Darrell, just wanting to be that family unit with him again and worried about the future of my little family. I woke up early on the first morning of 2018 and jumped right out of bed, it helps if you go to bed at 8 o clock with your toddler, all refreshed and energized for the new year. Whereas last year took me until July to realize a new year had begun, I decided that this year would be different and what a better day to start than the first of January. Elijah and I had gone for a little break to our beach house with my parents and maybe it was the sea air, or maybe the fact that the last New Years Eve I had spent there was with Darrell just before I fell pregnant with Elijah, but I woke up feeling different, stronger, more alive. I felt Darrell was there with us and telling me to go out and live life to the maximum.

We came home and I have really put that all into practise. I have made no New Years resolutions but I have diligently gone back to gym, sorted out my house and seriously thought were I want to go with my photography. And I realized that I want to go everywhere. I want and aim to be the best I can be. I have been working hard and the hard work is starting to reap the rewards. I want to work harder and reach higher and higher. I have so many new and exciting opportunities coming my way and I am proud of the work I have put in in order to achieve this.

This is the year for growth.

Elijah starts at a new school this week. I am very nervous, more for myself than for him as he is such a happy and grounded little boy that I know he will walk straight into the classroom and be giggling and playing with all the other kids in no time. I of course will be the mum ugly crying in her car at how fast my little boy is growing up.

I have set no goals for the gym this year. Last year I decided to run my first half marathon and I did so without putting the work in required to run it effortlessly. The run was in February and that morning there was a black South Easter blowing, I ran and even though I enjoyed the solitude my body paid dearly for it for the rest of the year and I ended up cracking a disk in my back down the line. This year I am all about routine. And sticking to it. And I have made a cracking start at it. I am still restricted as to what I do but I am training up to 60 minutes on the elliptical trainer four days a week as well as my much-loved BodyTec. There are a few of us on social media spurring each other along and that really helps with my motivation. I have had a rethink of both Elijah and my diets, opting for the healthier choices all the time. I am trying less wheat for Elijah and none for me. And that seems to be doing us both wonders.

This is the year about productivity and being the best version of myself. Happy New Year to you all and may your year have started out as well as mine.






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