Noddy’s Christmas Party 2017, The Most Magical Night Of The Year

Noddy’s Christmas Party 2017, The Most Magical Night Of The Year


Elijah and I were invited to this  party by a special school friend, her husband and her little boy who is the same age as Elijah. I had such a happy feeling in the run up to this event as I can clearly remember going to this when I was Elijah’s age. I tried not to give too much away of what he would see there as I wanted everything to be a big surprise for him.



I am writing this while Elijah is still snuggled up next to me in bed sleeping off his late night and possible sugar hangover. It was extremely windy last night but I felt that this did not distract at all from the evening and instead added an extra layer of mystery.

If you do not know about the Noddy Charity Christmas Party let me tell you a bit about it. The Noddy Charity Christmas Parties happen for ten nights over three weeks every year during November and December at the Noddy Castle at the end of Chess Road in Rondebosch, Cape Town. The first night is a charity night for disadvantaged children and the other nine nights are commercial nights to fundraise for Peninsula 77 Round Table’s charity projects throughout the next year. Tickets cost R60 per person.These parties have been running for over 40 years.

Everything about the night was magical and so well run. From the brilliant host of the evening who interacted so well with the little children and grown ups alike, to the magician putting on a show. I can not quite figure out if the marching band that you all have to get up and march with around the field was my favorite part of the entertainment or when the lights have gone out and we were all waiting for the fairy to appear and you see a twinkling lights in the distance announcing her imminent arrival. But undoubtedly the best part of the evening was seeing the wonder and joy on Elijah’s face while absorbing it all. He gets so involved and was always sitting right up front to watch the show or practically on top of the pianist when the Christmas carols were sung. Watching his little face light up when everyone had to blow blow blow all the lights out and Father Christmas appeared made me really teary and so happy that I have such a loving, engaging little boy. Father Christmas handed out a present to each child(secretly dropped of by their parents) and the fairy gave out sweets. The fairy is a very pretty little girl that everyone has to be really quiet  for so as not to frighten her. Noddy and Big Ears were around handing out juice boxes and ice lollys along with Mr Plod and all the naughty goblins.

The only thing I had told Elijah about the party was that we were going and he had to take some of his toys to give to children who did not have any. He very diligently made a selection of his toys(changing his mind so often) and put them in a pile by the door for donating. When we arrived at the party he very proudly walked up to the donations table and handed over all the toys he had selected. This mama nearly burst with pride.

We are actually counting down the days till next years party. Thank you Noddy Charity Christmas Party for making my little boy so very happy.




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  1. hayleysjoys

    Gorgeous photos! This is such a special time of year. I’ve also just heard about this annual event, definitely one for our list next year.

  2. Thomas

    Thank you so much for writing this wonderful review for our annual charity fundraiser the Noddy Charity Christmas Parties! We have almost as much fun putting on the show as you do attending it. Charity wins at the end of the day and we are so very humbled by both the longevity of the Noddy Party and the wonderful family and friends who attend each year and help to make it so magical and special! See you all next year!

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