Dust & Daisies – A Fertility Journey to success

Dust & Daisies – A Fertility Journey to success



It is no secret that Annene loves photographing children, that much I have seen when she has photographed my sweet boy. The last time she photographed him I asked him at the end of the day what his favorite part of the day was. He very adamantly told me it was when he was having his pictures taken. So I asked him why and he said because Annene is so beautiful. And she is and she manages to get down to their level and capture everything that fascinates them as well as their reaction to it. So I interviewed her about this new venture she has started. Dust&Daisie gift tags. Her original photos on gift tags and boy, are they beautiful!

Annene tell me about what drives you?

It is no secret that I enjoy photographing children and capturing their unique personalities and energy. I also have a love for capturing , not only a moment , but the feeling of a moment or a scene. I enjoy showing the beauty in something that might not always be seen as beautiful. A few years ago , around half way through our five-year infertility journey, we decided to buy a 4×4. I remember the evening clearly, when we agreed that we would have to start making life fun for us, as it might always just be the two of us. We started doing more and more road trips and always found an alternative gravel route for going anywhere. It worked for both of us. as Dico(my husband) loves finding gravel mountain passes off the beaten track and I really enjoy photographing them. As long as he stops the car when I ask him to! Armed with my camera and cellphone, I could spend hours walking a beach or a Karoo farm, capturing the details on a cactus or just the stillness of a scene. I found solace in the scene unfolding around me. Today our little miracle boy travels along. His first year was tough, as he hated being in the car, but luckily he’s starting to enjoy it. Now my biggest struggle is keeping him away from my camera!

Annene that is such a beautiful story with a happy ending. Tell me please what you have done now so we can all share in your amazing photographs?

I have all of these beautiful photographs that no-one ever gets to see and I decided to make them into gift tags. I think it is an inexpensive was for others to enjoy them on a daily basis, without having to commit to one picture on a wall. Daisies & Dust do not contain landmarks or tourist attractions but rather snippets of a journey-scenes you see around South Africa every day. At the moment there are 54 different kinds and I plan to change or add to them regularly. I am selling them in sets of 10 gift tags of your choice for R80. All photographs are available to order in various print sizes and for the upcoming Summer Upmarket, I have a limited edition photographs printed straight onto wood. They look amazing and I am tempted to keep them myself 😉

Annene will be selling her gift tags at The Summer Market this coming weekend at the Castle of Good Hope from 11am-7pm, 9 & 10 December. There will be plenty of shopping as well as a courtyard with foodtrucks and live entertainment. The venue is child and dog friendly and the R10 entry fee for adults goes straight to charity.

Hopefully I will see some of you there as I am defiantly going to stock up on some of Annene’s beautiful gift tags as I do not know about you but I have a whole lot of presents to wrap and who knows I might even do some of my Christmas shopping there!

Follow Annene on Instagram here and here and Daisies & Dust gift tags here.

This is the market happening this weekend here




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