A Little Horse Called Pancakes And The Big Beach Rescue

A Little Horse Called Pancakes And The Big Beach Rescue

The Book Launch At Noordhoek Farm Village

On Saturday morning after celebrating Elijah,s very loved Bibi’s birthday we raced through to the book launch of Candice Noakes-Dobson’s new installment of the delightful Pancakes book series A Little Horse Called Pancakes And The Big Beach Rescue. Elijah was so excited to go! The thought of seeing Pancakes and Candy Floss and of couse his lovely “Auntie” Candy and AnnaB had him jumping up the walls. He tells me he loves Candy Floss so much. But I do know that secretly Pancakes the miniature horse has his heart.

We just love these books. Candice Noakes-Dobson started writing her books a few years ago after seeing her daughter AnnaB’s love for their miniature horse Pancakes and we have followed the story ever since. All the proceeds of the sales of these books goes to charity. The charity is SARDA (South African Riding For The Disabled) In the previous book Pancakes And The Big Mountain fire saw Darrell bravely doing what he did best. Putting out fires in his helicopter. I recently read an article on Candice and her writing where she says the main purpose of that previous book was to let Elijah see what a hero his Daddy was. I am eternally grateful for Candice for doing such a selfless thing for my little boy. We read the book often and Elijah loves the pages that his dad is on. Not to mention the little family portrait of the three of us.


We arrived at the launch and Elijah quickly spotted the pony rides and jumped enthusiastically onto one, not before kissing his beloved Pancakes and Candy Floss of course. After the pony ride he did some coloring in from the coloring in book Candice has done, made a rosette that I had to wear and waited patiently for the story. Elijah loves a good story and he was not to be disappointed here! Candice Noakes-Dobson and Wendy Paterson the illustrator of these books had all the children captivated with this new tale and the reading of it. Elijah was so enthralled that he edged closer and closer until he ended up on Wendy’s lap to listen as closely as he could to A Little Horse Called Pancakes And The Big Beach Adventure.


Any of these books would make such a wonderful Christmas present for your kiddie or grandkiddie. You really have to read them to see the magic in them. And the illustrations are so beautiful. Wendy really has captured the essence of Candice’s story book home under  Elephants Eye. Every time I read one I am taken into another world, one which I love of ponies and mischief.

You can get them Exlusive Books, Tokai Book Warehouse Takealot , SARDA Christmas wrapping stations in Constantia Village, Equestrian Affair in Chelsea Village Wynberg and Equibox at the Noordhoek Farm Village. Happy shopping!




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