16 Days Of Activism

16 Days Of Activism

Red Cross Children’ Hospital Trust

Today was harrowing. Leigh from The Mom Diaries blog and I went on a tour of the Red Cross Children’s hospital. An incident happened while we were there that I think will have changed my life for ever. I am drained and so tired after this afternoon but I just felt that I should get this post out as soon as possible. Also maybe writing it will help me make sense of it all. Although I am not so sure about that.

We were met at the front of the hospital by the lovely, sparkly Abby. She says this hospital is her life and I can believe her. She works full-time for the hospital’s trust and on her weekends she just comes and sits with the children as she knows they need the company while most young people her age are out having a good time. She showed us around the wards, and while the hospital is quite bright, cheery and very neat it still is a hospital for children. Which just makes me so sad. A lot of the children are here because of neglect and abuse. A lot do not have homes to go home to when they are well enough.

I am sitting here staring at my computer screen, usually I have so much to say but this time I am stumped. I took some photographs (with permission of course) so maybe I can try to convey the emotion I felt through them while I try and find my words again.



A few days ago I started a new blog post which I am still working on and now I think I shall have to go back and rewrite it all. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and missing Darrell so much as Christmas approaches but I now feel that I should be more grateful for what I have and not for what I had and do not have anymore. I thank God that I have a healthy, loving, kind little boy. That is all that matters to me at this stage in my life. I came home from the hospital to find that Elijah had been playing naughty games and sprayed all of my Gaultier 2 perfume in his eyes. He was crying in pain. I just wrapped my arms around him and hugged him so tight which is what I wanted to do at the hospital to all those little ones seeing them all in so much pain.



Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital was opened in 1956. It is the only dedicated children’s hospital in the sub-Saharan Africa. The hospital is a public, tertiary hospital in Cape Town , South Africa and is also a teaching hospital for the University of Cape Town. The hospital manages around 260 000 patients a year, one-third of those are younger than a year old. The hospital advocates that no child shall be turned away and they also do not have set visiting hours as they encourage the parents to stay as long as they want and be a part of their child’s healing journey. But many of the little ones do not have parents or have been removed from their parents and are waiting to be adopted or foster care.


Can you help? Yes you can! I am collecting child protection packs for the little ones in hospital. In the diagram below is what needs to go into each pack. Every donation, little or big will be greatly appreciated by these little ones too small to fend for themselves. Please get in touch with me if you you would like to help.

  This is the link to donate directly to them.      


Hug your children a little longer tonight, let them sleep in your bed if they want. I know I will be doing that.





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    Can’t see the diagram – but I want to help… please send me a message.

  2. Stefi

    I’d also like to help…please send me a message as well. Thanks a million

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