Swimming Into Summer

Swimming Into Summer

When Elijah was about 6 weeks old I started looking into swimming lessons for him. I asked on social media and everyone told me I was being pathetic and kids should only start at around 5 years old as before that they are not capable of learning! I totally did not believe this but unfortunately my search proved fruitless as there were no swimming schools or coaches near to Tulbagh. We had a swimming pool so I left it in Darrell’s capable hands to organize a pool fence for before Elijah started crawling. In true Darrell style he designed a beautiful wrought iron fence in keeping with our Victorian house. Thank you Darrell.


Elijah and I then moved to Cape Town a few days before he turned one years old and I started up the search again. I found the loveliest teacher just around the corner whom has become a fast friend! Elijah started his lessons just after his first birthday and while he only used to bob around in the lovely warm water every so often smiling gloriously at Kirsten he has now fast become a terrific little swimmer. My just turned three-year old little guy has been swimming a full length of the pool unaided. Even so I know he is still not water safe and watch him with my beady eye whenever we are around open water.

We have a pool at home but the first task I took on in our new home was to organize a fence and a solid safety cover. You can never be too careful of little ones around water!


Elijah was very spoilt by Spurt Swimming apparel when they sent him a gorgeous shark swimming cap, new goggles and a nose clip. He now thinks he is the bees knees and he had to try them on even before swimming lesson day.

Spurt Swimming Apparel also wants to spoil one of your kiddies and has given the same for me to do as a giveaway! Go like their Instagram page (and mine of course), like my post on Instagram and tag three friends on the post. For another entry like my Facebook page. T&C’s apply.

I would love to hear in the comments if your kiddie does swimming lessons and when they started?






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  1. Laylaa Amla

    I started my son at 8 months old .I had the same idea lol but to my dismay he has not liked it so far (we tried 3 times so far🙈) and he never liked it cried n fussed n was such a mission to get him in the water …like I was forcing him so my husband suggested a break for now …He did pick up a thing or two the last time thou lol…Anyways maybe next year n understands better ,I will have better luck.Water safety is very important!!!
    So for the giveaway I have a lttle boy and he is 3 years old .

  2. Bongi Hill

    Lukhanyo started swimming lessons when he was 1

  3. Melissa Javan

    I didn’t know kids could start as early as one, I thought three years old is the age. My little girl is two years old in December, loves water. We haven’t been to classes yet.

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