What Is Your MANTRA?

What Is Your MANTRA?

The Summer Showcase At Mantra Cavendish Square

I was so happy to be invited to be invited to the Summer Showcase at Mantra Cavendish Square by Melissa and the Mantra Team. Melissa of the Melissa’s fame was going to be introducing us to her new lifestyle brand Mantra. Mantra is an extension of the well-known Melissa’s brand so expect to see the same amazing quality. Every time I go to Melissa’s for coffee or a meal I always spend way more time browsing all the lovely home ware than interacting with who I am with. I am such a sucker for good homeware that this was one morning I was definitely not going to miss. We were totally spoilt, champagne on arrival, the most delicious morsels to eat, a plant to take home, wonderful company and a lovely insight into the lady who started and runs Melissa’s. Melissa truly is a funny, bright, ball of energy. I can really understand why her stores are so successful with her at the helm. We also got to meet the rest of the team of Melissa’s and Mantra. I was impressed!

Do you have a friend who is always difficult to buy presents for? Well you will definitely find something here! In actual fact I shall be doing all my Christmas shopping here. If you are the type of person who loves beautifully made homeware then this is the shop for you. Every where I looked there was some sort of functional art that I could picture in my house. And what a privilege to hear Melissa tell us her vision of this new venture and her Mantra. Go visit and see for yourself.




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