My Tiny Teepee

My Tiny Teepee


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Every little one wants to go camping right? Well Elijah certainly does! And boy does he love pretending he is on a river bank somewhere looking out at the stars. We are so lucky that we have two My Tiny Teepee teepees. A cream one and a grey one. The cream one has even now been named after him at My Tiny Teepee! This little boy of mine can spend hours playing in his teepee, whether he is looking at his books, winding down from a busy day or pretending to light a camp fire and all the other bits that go with that. We even have teepee playdates with his friends. The kiddies play in their teepees and the mamas drink coffee or gin and tonics. Imaginary play is so important. In a world where gadgets and tech rule I love just watching Elijah’s imagination run wild and his teepee definitely helps with that.

Darrell and I had a distinctive decor style and I have tried to replicate that in my new house in Cape Town. It has taken a while but I feel like the few rooms we use the most are finally getting there. One being Elijah’s room. And for those mamas concerned with style, these teepees fit right in. There are also so easy to put up and take down so that you can take them anywhere their little heart fancies. And it really is the perfect place after a hard day’s play to snuggle down with my little guy and read his favorite book of the moment.

My Tiny Teepee is a mother and daughter team making beautifully handmade play tents. Liv (the daughter) has fast become a firm friend and to see the joy in her eyes when she makes all the little ones happy with her teepees is so infectious. The company is local, making each teepee to your individual specifications. They deliver all over South Africa.


Now if Elijah did not already have one(or two) I would definitely think of getting him one for Christmas. Watching him while he opened his beautifully wrapped gift and finding out it was a teepee inside was just priceless. His little face broke out into the biggest grin. And isn’t that what parenting is about? Making our children happy? Well not really but a happy child is a lot easier to bring up than a miserable child. There is even one named after Elijah!

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