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FirstBIKE Africa

A lot of people have been asking me what balance bike Elijah has, especially when they see him whizzing around the neighborhood navigating the paths and corners like he thinks he the team leader in the Tour De France. But now that he has discovered how the brakes work I am that much more at ease watching him zoot down the hills at the bike track around the corner from our house.

I initially got him another brand off Gumtree but he just was not interested. It was really heavy and hard to maneuver. Then we got an opportunity to try out FirstBIKE Africa and were sold. The FirstBIKE is so light! When Elijah is tired from racing around he just picks up his bike and walks with it. Which leaves me free to carry all the other paraphernalia that goes along with a three year old boy. I just love watching how Elijah has gotten so confidant riding his bike and I just love how riding it is helping his balance and core strength. There are also no sharp edges on the bike so when Elijah does have a tumble there are fewer bits to hurt him. There are numerous safety features too that you can find on the website but one I feel I must mention is the steering limiter that prevents oversteering and stops our little ones from going over the handle bars. Yes I am the nerd that REALLY did my homework. This is a really big problem in other balance bikes and a feature that I love in our FirstBIKE.

Tracey Nell the owner of FirstBIKE Africa went on a search for the perfect balance bike for her then nearly two-year old daughter. As a qualified Biokineticis and keen cyclist she was rather disappointed with what there was to offer in South Africa. Her brother was working in Dubai and sent her a link to FirstBIKE’s worldwide site. She imported one, loved it so much that she wanted every child to have one and stated FirstBIKE Africa.

Mama’s I am giving you advice here for Christmas presents. Who does not want to see their little ones eyes light up when they realize Father Christmas has left a new bike under the Christmas tree for them! It is the perfect gift for adventurous little ones from the age of 22 months with the Lowkit to five years old. You can get them online here and they also offer free shipping.

I am not going to go into all the technical aspects of the bikes as you can find all this information here or email as she is more than happy to give advice. Happy shopping mama’s. Enjoy your bikes when you get them and always remember safety first and make them wear that helmet.





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  1. rfp793

    Balance bikes are the BEST, and your photos are AMAZING. Wow. All keepers 🙂

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