Elijah’s Big Boy Bedroom

Elijah’s Big Boy Bedroom


I am not sure if you remember but a couple of months ago I blogged about Elijah not liking his bedroom, and saying he would not sleep in his own bed as it was too scary and therefore had to sleep with me. Buying his bed was such a sad moment for me as Darrell had wanted to make his first big boy bed but never got the time to do so before he died. I then rushed it and bought a bed that he hated. I realized that because he moves so much in his sleep he was hitting himself on the solid sides of the bed in the night and waking himself up. And obviously then wanting to be in my bed. It got so bad that he would not even want to go to sleep in his room but would come straight to “our” bed as he called it. I really love the night cuddles but I was wanting to have a bit of time back in the evenings after he went to bed to either read a book or watch an episode of a series.



Yulande from Clever Little Monkey heard about my little “problem” and so beautifully asked if they could help us out. It was very emotional for me as I always expected Darrell to dream up some wild awesome bed to make so letting someone else do it really hit home that he is not here to do the sorts of things that he had imagined one day he would do with his son.



As Elijah loves the idea of camping between Yulande and myself we dreamed up a beautiful outdoor camping scene but obviously inside his bedroom! I am beyond happy with how it came out. And can you believe but since the first night the room was finished Elijah has not wanted to sleep anywhere else! I thought we would still have a process of getting him used to the new room but no he has decided he loves the room so much that he must sleep in it. He has also taken to playing in his room in the daytime which never used to happen. His room is such a beautiful calm space now that we both just want to hang out in it! If he does wake up in the night now he calls for me to go through to him instead of just arriving next to my bed asking to come sleep with me. I must admit that I am missing the cuddles but I know that this is a big milestone for him and I sometimes just go lie on his bed to snuggle him while he is asleep and because his bed is on the floor it is so easy just to roll off it and he is none the wiser. He was sent a teepee bed that is at floor level so if he does thrash around in the night and fall out of bed he does not have far to go.


Even though Elijah got a brand new bedroom I tried to keep as many sentimental things in it as possible. I am so lucky to have Darrell’s toys from when he was Elijah’s age and I used a few of those to decorate the room. I wanted his bedroom to be as practical as possible for a little boy but also to have some nostalgic charm, the style which Darrell and I loved so much and got so right in our big old Victorian home back in Tulbagh. Elijah’s baby room there was a dream room done up mainly by Darrell and I think I have created something very special here in our new home.


Elijah’s beautiful duvet set is from Clever Little Monkey, the colorful crochet blanket was lovingly crocheted for Elijah by my mum for when he was a baby. His scatter cushions including the half-moon one which he falls asleep snuggling are also by Clever Little Monkey as are the beautiful stars and moon wall decals, the calming green Lorena Canal carpet, and the wooden doggie desk light. This arrived while the shoot was going on and Elijah was so delighted when he opened the box as this was the one thing I had let him choose himself. He felt so grown up! Eurobebe sent him a neon yellow moon nightlight/wall decal that absorbs the sun during the day and shines at night. Total score for a little guy who is so interested in the planets and stars. His bedside table is a sawn off log from a huge tree in my childhood garden which I just added fairy lights to. He has a lovely belly basket from Fable Lifestyle & Baby filled with some LaFede toys which he loves and look oh so stylish. Displayed in his hexagonal shelves are Darrell’s Sootcookie bunny that being into design he just had to have, Darrell’s childhood bear and the shoes Elijah wore to Darrell’s memorial service. As well as a few more of Darrell’s toys and some air plant for decoration. On his shelf next to his bed he has a very special book in place, “A Little Horse Called Pancakes And The Big Mountain Fire” by Candice Noakes-Dobson. Darrell is lovingly depicted in the book and there is even an illustration of the three of us in it. Elijah was dressed by the fabulous Minimi Atelier, a well-known kiddies clothing company that make beautiful classic children’s clothes and made his classic short dungarees. He is playing in his room so nicely with his South African themed Yogiblocks.


I loved creating this special place for my little boy and I just adore the photographs Annene van Eeden Lifestyle Photography took of us. Check her out on Instagram here. I can see Elijah loving and growing with this room for many years to come and thank all of the suppliers who helped me out on this.






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  1. Lynette Knott

    What a beautiful bedroom…I think I could also enjoy a room and bed like that!

  2. Elijah’s room is gorgeous! It’s not hard to see why he only wants to sleep in there now. ❤️

  3. Mari-Louise

    What a perfect little sanctuary. Lovely mama. Xxx

  4. Dancing with Dreams

    Oh Angela, you have me in tears. Such a beautiful room and I absolutely love all the sentimental elements ❤️

    1. Angela Rea

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate this. Sorry I am only replying now but I get a bit emotional writing and reading comments so I always have to come back to them. Xxx

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