Olly Polly Read

Olly Polly Read

One thing Darrell and I wished for Elijah was to inherit both of our love for reading. When Darrell was still alive many an evening was spent with the two of us cuddled up reading novels, which was just the way we liked things to be. I am naturally a fast reader and I had to train myself to read more slowly as I get so involved in the characters and plot of the book that I miss them when I have finished reading it. Darrell and I had quite the collection between the two of us. We both enjoyed all types of genres and a great morning out for us was finding an undiscovered second-hand book store, each buying a packet full of novels and going to sit in a coffee shop and compare what the other one had bought. In our  home in Tulbagh we had a library type room with floor to ceiling books shelves which Darrell had very painstaking alphabetized the books in. When he did not think that looked right he colour coded them! When I sold our house and left Tulbagh I donated all of our books to the local animal shelter to be sold to raise funds for them as I did not have the same sort of space as I did it Tulbagh.



Elijah certainly has inherited our love of reading. I love watching him get so absorbed in a story and I will often find him sitting quietly in his room pouring over a book. When I redid his room I made sure to make a little comfy nook especially for reading.



We were so excited to hear about the launch of Olly Polly Read. An initiative by Olly Polly Kids. It is a  collection of children’s books by South African authors and illustrators that Genevieve from Olly Polly kids has put together. In this fast paced, tech driven world we often do not stop and enjoy simple things like reading to our children. Olly Polly Read makes it so much easier for us by choosing such beautiful books and having them for sale in their online shop. All the books have been read and vetoed by both Gen and her daughter Olive(Olly Polly). We were so lucky to be sent “Farrah Is Not A Dalmatian” written and Illustrated by Adrie LeRoux to have pride of place on Elijah’s Olly Polly Shelfie. We had to read it twice in a row on the first night and it has already become a firm favorite. As well as being a delightful age appropriate story for a toddler it also has a beautiful message that everyone is different and we should all accept everyone for who they are. Elijah however keeps asking why Farrah is not a Dalmatian. Toddlers and their never-ending question!. If you are looking for some lovely reading material for your little one or even an easy Christmas gift or two do have a look at Olly Polly Read. You will not be dissapointed.






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