September Stay Cation

September Stay Cation

I hope everyone survived the back to school drop off today. As much as Elijah was so excited to go back, I was a little bit sad as I had come to the realization that this was Elijah’s last term at his play school. So just 9 more weeks of attending this loving and nurturing school where he has thrived for 18 months. The teachers have become so special to me and I do not know how we are going to say goodbye come December. Elijah is going to a bigger play school that will lead on to Junior school next year. I am now really doubting my decision to move him but I know it is necessary as he will far be the oldest if he stays.


Our Staycation started off with a bang.  We had lovely Gracie’s Wild birthday party on the friday afternoon. It did involve snakes and reptiles so I might just have hidden inside with lots of cups of coffee while Elijah, the braver of the two of us watched the show! We then had Elijah’s third birthday party on the Saturday morning. Thirty children with their parents. Not sure what I was thinking but we all had a blast. Details and photographs on the party coming up in another blog post.




I decided that the time had come for Elijah to do his first swimming clinic, so we booked a spot at Cuddlefish swimming school with Heather. He was booked in at 8.30 every morning for the week for his lesson, which made sure we had the rest of the day for adventuring! He did so well and he is on his way to becoming water safe. He can comfortably jump in to the pool and swim and length to the other side without help. Victory! But even so I know he has a long way to go until he is water safe and we are looking forward to our lessons this term and then another swimming clinic in the December holidays.


On the first Sunday of the holidays we adventured off to Simonstown as our church was on camp there and was having a Sunday Service at Rocklands. (We missed camp this year as we had family visiting in Cape Town and off course Elijah’s extravaganza of a party.) After the service Bibi, Babu (Elijah’s grandparents) and Auntie Myra, Uncle Paul, Elijah and I went to go see the penguins. If you have not already done this with your children please do so. There were not as many penguins around as the last time I went  was in the month of April and all the mummy penguins were nesting with their eggs or tending to their tiny babies, but it was still so special and I just love seeing the look of delight on Elijah’s face when they come close to him. Then is was picnic time!  We found a little secret gate down to a secluded cove with not too many people on the beach and settled down. Bibi(my mother in law) had brought along all yummy food which even tasted delicious with all the windswept sand in it. The wind was quite blustery and the water freezing, but that did not stop little Elijah from needing a swim. Well done to Baba(my father in law) and Auntie Myra for both taking him in for extended dips each. He was a very happy boy on the way home.


A definite highlight for the holidays was having a special trip to the Planetarium and Iziko Museum with Grandpa and two of his cousins, Max and Elizabeth. Unfortunately the Planetarium was not having a show that day, contrary to what their website said, but in actual fact the museum was enough for the little people. And grandpa was so patient in explaining all of the exhibits. After the museum we all went through the beautiful Company Gardens which are so spectacular at this time of year with all their spring blooms. We then stopped at the Madam Zingaria restaurant in the  Company Gardens for some much needed milkshakes and coffees. After that we spent about an hour in the Company Gardens Avenue feeding squirrels some nuts we had bought off a vendor.


More beach trips were added into the mix as well as a big casting for Elijah for BMW. It is for a speaking role in a commercial and I hope he gets it. Although he is quite loyal to Mercedes Benz he tells me! Then there was a visit to the Spur and playdates galore. The incrediblet Lilliput market out in Stellenbosch on Bellevue manor was held on the 7th and 8th October. If you missed out on this please do not forget to go next year. Anneke of Annapatat  Kids clothing went all out and the market was such a success. Elijah and I went with Lisa and Olly of One Modern Mom blog. Unfortunatly Elijah was adamant that he wanted to play outside whilst I wanted to browse/shop and talk to all the lovely vendors I have become friends with. When a toddler wants to play nothing will stop him!



We also managed to fit in a yummy lunch at Jonkershuis at Groot Constantia with some lovely Instagram friends and their kiddies. The kids played so beautifully while us mama’s got to chat and catch up. Every now and then there was a bit of a squeal and one or the other would jump up and dash off to said child but overall it is so child friendly there that is was so nice to be able to chat and drink lots of coffee. In between all of that I managed to get some for work and I even did my first paid for photography shoot.

We had a family lunch on the last day of the school holidays followed by my niece Elizabeth’s eight birthday party at Imhoff Farm. The party was lovely but unfortunately the weather did not allow for going to see all the animals they have there. So we shall defiantly have to go back.

Have an awesome term, stay strong, knuckle down and the Christmas holidays will spring up on us in no time.





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