Turning Three

Turning Three

I am sitting here on the eve of Elijah’s third birthday and I am feeling so emotional. The rain is pouring down outside and Elijah is softly snoring next to me. He has been transitioning so well to his own room and sleeping in his own bed for most of the night. And while I am loving the freedom of having my evenings back, I just decided to keep him here with me tonight. Tonight I just want to keep him little for just a bit longer. He fell asleep tonight after we had read a book, the book, chosen by him about the fires in the Western Cape which Darrell features in. When I turn onto the page in which Darrell appears in his helicopter Elijah always lovingly calls out “that is my dada” He is so proud of the fact that his father was a hero helicopter firefighter! He did the same tonight and then fell asleep with the book in his arms. I can not help staring at the beautiful little child that Darrell and I made together. He was so wanted and made with so much love. Our baby.



I think back to three years ago, I was lying in hospital and had already been there for two weeks with pre-eclampsia.  I was scared, as I did not know when they were going to deliver Elijah. My doctor had wanted to wait until I was 37 weeks pregnant but during the night of the 25 September I realized that something was going wrong. The whole time I was in hospital they had monitored Elijah’s heart rate every four hours. During the night of the 25th I could see the sisters glancing nervously to each other. I kept asking if there was anything wrong and they would brightly say that everything was fine but they were just fetching another sister to have a look. Eventually they told me that I was alright but they were just going to phone the doctor.

Darrell had been granted permission to leave his post 2000km away that evening and would start the very long drive home the next morning. I never let on that anything was wrong as I really wanted him to have a good rest before his drive home the next day. I lay there in panic mode the whole evening which only let up the minute our little boy was handed to me straight after my c section.

Darrell would be so proud of his boy, Elijah. He would love Elijah’s naughty little sense of humor, inherited from him. He would love how confidant Elijah is and how he makes everyone around him smile and giggle with his charm. Again inherited by Darrell. He would just revel in every little aspect of Elijah growing up whereas I just get sad as he is not here to see it.

We have so many things planned in order to celebrate this very happy occasion of Elijah Micah Rea turning three. A very busy, packed week filled with love, friends and family. Everything a little boy could want for.






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  1. Lynette Knott

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful boy and his ever loving beautiful Mommy xxxxx

  2. Teri-Jane

    He is such a special boy! You are a fantastic mom!

  3. Christina Coetzee and family

    Happy Birthday Elijah. Blessings to you and wonderful Mama. xxxxxxx

  4. Patricia Jack

    I so understand you wanting to keep Elijah close at this time. Three already! Where has the time gone ? You are such a little lovely Mummy and Darrell would be proud. Have a super celebration.

  5. greer

    You blow my mind mama!

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