A Love Supreme Launch LIONISE

A Love Supreme Launch LIONISE


Thursday was such a lovely day. I was invited to two great events and the Western Cape had some much needed rain. One of these events was the much hyped up launch of A Love Supreme‘s new collection Lionise. Luckily the lovely rain did not stop all the eager people from attending.

I was at school with the  owner Leanne Botha and we had not seen each other for 25 years. Imagine her surprise when I arrived as she did not know I was the blogger behind Our Sunshine Journey. So we had a quick catch up and then it was time to eat, drink and stare(gather up) the new collection. The Gin box was there pouring the drinks (I was also at school with Jean Buckham from the Gin Box and she also did not know I was the mama behind my blog!) Just as a note this is an amazing gift to send to someone you really like, as a once off subscription box or on a monthly basis. My favorite was all the little botanicals added to the gin and tonic to add new taste sensations, they were all so pretty and oh so Instastory worthy. The food was delicious and so beautifully presented, think tiny yummy savories, the big 5 cupcakes and my best made by Harck And Heart were the iced gingerbread biscuits.

A Love Supreme has only been around since 2014 and in that time they have really made an impact. They have a shop in Locale in Claremont so you can have a delicious coffee while you browse or you can just shop, shop, shop online from the comfort of your own home. The new collection is breathtaking. It is inspired by Africa’s Big 5 combined with A Love Supreme’s beautiful use of colour and patterns which is so unique to their brand. They make homeware, stationary and apparel. Their items are playful, punchy and personal. I think my favorite thing in the shop at the moment is the Leopardise Dinner Tray from their Lionise collection, hint hint family, it is never to early to start Christmas shopping for me.  As well as having these in your own home they will make such amazing gifts to send to family overseas who want a bit of Africa nostalgia.



All of us press received a beautifully put together goodie bag with one of their notebooks from the  new collection and a few other bits and pieces. I also could not resist buying one of their tea towels for my newly spruced up kitchen (yes I am old and collect tea towels!)

Thank you so much to the A Love Supreme team on a great night out. And yes the gin was fabulous!





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