Joanna Loveband & Style Me JT Collab

Joanna Loveband & Style Me JT Collab


A Spring Workshop On Wardrobe And Styling

You all know I love clothes, right? What some of you may not know is that I studied fashion design at The Cape Tech Design school. Many years ago. I was always a trend forecaster, knowing what would be in fashion next long before everyone else. I also had a tiny tiny body to show off all those clothes and just maybe studied fashion design to learn how to make clothes as I could not find anything in the shops to fit me. (Young me’s problems.)




Fast forward many years, one child, life and a lot of salted camerel tarts later and the things that used to suit me in my “look I can fit into 8 year olds clothing” no longer work. Yet I will not be persuaded to dress like a boring mum with no style. I do have to keep up with all those young mum’s dropping their kids off at nursery you know. And neither do I have to! So I got chatting to Joal Towen from for some advice and inspiration. I do not think I have ever met anyone with quite so my style as Joal. effortlessly chic, classic and funky come right to mind. She kindly invited me to her spring workshop on wardrobe and styling so I could learn more.


A group of ladies all got together at the hosts beautiful house in Rondebosch for a morning of bubbles, cake and wardrobe advice with Joanna Loveband and Style Me Jt.

This is what Joal taught us.

Have a CONDENSED wardrobe

Remember to invest in classics; try buy natural, cotton, silk and linen. The foundation has to be solid we build on this. The trends can be of lesser quality/cheaper. If a trend appeals to you buy the best piece and only buy 1 piece. If you like embroidery, take the time to find the best embroidered piece and buy that one item, don’t over indulge!




The trends to look out for this Spring/Summer
* off the shoulder tops
* blush pink
* white shirts & denims
* summer denims: straight, embroidered & white
* skirts: short denim & pleated midi
* accessories: layered fine necklaces, big earrings, colorful bracelets
* one piece rather than bikini
* shoes: block heel & platforms

To the shopaholics:
* do I really need this
* is this a repeat
* how/will I wear this
* do I LOVE this


Keep in mind that you select the trends that appeal to you, if none of the above take your liking don’t invest in a new piece, if you love a certain trend and think you’ll wear it again by all means spend a little bit more on a piece. The trendy pieces need to be worn often, before you know the trend is over and you’ll look outdated.



Things racing through my mind were BLUSH PINK ooohhhh! Frills yay. Am I a shopaholic and do I need this(“this” equals 9 or 10 blush pink tops). And then Joal’s voice of reason comes into my head saying I do not need these. And she is so right. Buy a few pieces and work with what you have. You will look fabulous.

If you want to look even more fabulous you can book a wardrobe consolation with Joal where you
–  meet for a coffee as an intro
– She create a personal mood board for you
– She come to your home for a 3 hour consultation where she looks at your clothes, gets rid of the pieces that must go, pair the left over pieces and she creates a shopping list of items to buy. This list is often a lot shorter than expected.


Or there are various personal or group shopping with Joal options available.

I expect all you mama’s to start making the effort, get out there and look your best. There is now no excuse.





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