Bodytec Steenberg Giveaway

Bodytec Steenberg Giveaway


I love exercise but I am sometimes quite sporadic in the type of exercise I am doing at any specific time. I did my first half marathon at the beginning of the year and I think that has shocked me into rather wanting to sit on the couch with hot chocolate watching other people run. After Darrell died I went into shock and my health definitely suffered. A few years before having Elijah I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and that definitely reared it’s ugly head again. I was also diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and everything that goes with that. Five months after losing Darrell Elijah and I moved to Cape Town. By that stage my body was a mess. I had all sorts of aches and pains daily. I was at the physio twice a week. My lovely physio kept telling me that I need to start exercising again in order to feel better as I just did not have the energy even to even walk from my car into the gym let alone go to gym. Then I heard about Bodytec Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training. I was quite nervous as I had not done any form of exercise in quite a while but the lovely people from Bodytec Steenberg made me feel right at ease. I was handed a pair of black leggings and tshirt (I have since bought my own) and was then helped into a space age type of outer garment and started up to the EMS machine. The workout is 20 minutes long and boy do you work out hard in those 20 minutes. Here was me thinking that the machines did all the work and I just got to sit back and watch the results. Well I was wrong. It is hard work. But I walked out of there the first time feeling so strong and so capable and I have not had to see my physio again nearly two years later. I go once a week as you may not go more and I just love it. We are all so busy and this literally takes 20 mins once a week, up to 90 percent of your muscles are activated during those 20 minutes and you really feel like you have worked out hard.

I have a trial session for Bodytec Steenberg worth R195 to give away to 10 lucky readers so you can experience the magic that is Bodytec for yourself. Watch out on my Facebook page Our Sunshine Journey for details. Be warned, it is hard work!




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  2. Gayle Dicey

    I would love to try it? I met the people that started Bodytec in Cape town a long time ago, and have always meant to go and see what it is about.
    Especially if it can help with my stomach muscles???

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