Gratitude Post

Gratitude Post

At The Moment

I am sitting here on a Friday afternoon pondering life, I may or may not be spooning Speculoos Cookie Butter straight from the jar into my mouth. I have been a bit quiet on the blog side. Elijah has been sick, I have gotten it from him, Elijah has been sick, I have gotten it from him and repeat. That has basically been the situation of our whole Winter. Tiresome but quite normal for a house hold with a nearly three-year old, nursery going child. During this time I have been regrouping and just thinking about our future. What I would like from life going forward and how to get there. Searching for my new identity. My whole life was so wrapped up in Darrell and also being a pilot’s wife and what that entails that when Darrell died I just did not know who I was or who I wanted to be. Moving from a small village to Cape Town five months later also did not help my cause. All the friends I had made got left behind and I had to try to pick up the life I had left in Cape Town almost ten years before. I found that to be absolutely impossible. I am a totally different person now.

I am starting to realize that I have a real love for photography and I hope to cultivate that love in the next few months into something I can do on a more permanent basis. I know I tend to irritate people by always having a camera on me and taking photographs all the time but until I pick up the courage to do a camera course this is how I am teaching myself. My mind just comes alive while I am behind the camera. After so being numb for two years I am finding this a welcome progression. I am also loving blogging. I find it really helps to write my feelings down, but in actual fact I feel such an awesome energy when I am writing about anything. I feel this wonderful uplifting energy when I am sitting behind my computer.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I am so incredibly touched by how I have been welcomed into the bloggers circle. People I have followed and admired for years have scooped me up and made me one of their own. I feel like I belong somewhere now. That new identity I have been craving is starting to take shape. So this blog post is a huge big thank you to all the lovely bloggers and Instagrammers I have met, some in person, some online who have made me feel welcome. I have always admired what you do and now I am one of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You lovely people are the reason why I can imagine a life going forward for Elijah and I. Today is such a beautiful day, Spring is around the corner and I am not so scared of my future without the love of my life.

I am busy planning my blog schedule for the next couple of months. I have some fantastic giveaways coming up, plus here and there I shall be updating you how we are doing as I know that is why some of you follow my blog. Elijah and I have some amazing adventures planned and I shall be letting you all know about them, as well as photographing them for you all.

So on this positive Friday I thank you all for being there and encouraging me. I could not do it without you all.

“Angela puts down the near empty jar of Spekuloos Cookie Butter”





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  1. Lynette

    So glad you are back again♡

  2. Patricia Jack

    I can feel your energy returning and so glad the future is opening a door for you. Darrell would be so proud.

  3. Kurian

    You are right, blogging helps us to pen our feelings. And like this one, when you write, followers like me come visit and share it with you.
    What a lovely thought đź‘Ś

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