Zam-Buk Cherry Lip Balm Review

Zam-Buk Cherry Lip Balm Review


Lying in bed one morning, catching up on my daily dose of blogs, I let out a huge squeal of delight that made my dog fling herself off the bed and into ninja crouching attack mode. Cherry Zam-Buk! Now that is a novel idea. AND something I had to have. Like NOW. Being a lip balm/gloss/plumper addict plus loving everything cherry, I love the “I just sucked on a Kojak lollipop” look, I thought that this would be the product to end all products. The searching for the perfect ONE would be over. When next trawling the mall with a faithful bag carrier ,I made it my mission to find said product. Not so easy. I finally found it in Dis-Chem on the shelf as you wait in the queue to pay.


It comes in a very cute little tin that was surprisingly easy to open. Leaving the shop I stopped mid aisle ,causing a traffic pile-up of Saturday afternoon Canal Walk shoppers, and dug my fingers into the pot. It was hard and kind of opaque. I put it on my lips and was immediately disappointed. I must admit that I was expecting a soft ,glossy balm a la Rosy Lips Vaseline Lip Therapy or Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter. This is more like Chap Stick in a tin. It was quite hard to rub in and left a lot of waxy residue on my lips. I quite liked the scent, which I found to be more marzipan than cherry, taking me back to long past weddings and family Christmases’. For R7, yes you heard right!, it was not a total loss. I have now ensconced it in a little cubby in my car with no fear that it shall ever melt. It won’t replace my Smith’s Rosebud Salve but now every time I stop at a red traffic light you will catch me dipping into my Zam-Buk Cherry Lip Balm.





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