Lipgloss Junky~To Plump Or Not To Plump

Lipgloss Junky~To Plump Or Not To Plump

When I was young lip gloss made up a large portion of my staple diet, I lived on fresh air and love and fizzy Smart Drinks. Practically all my allowance would be spent on that new must have colour/brand/texture. I started out my lip gloss career with that very sticky, sugary roll on lip gloss, while everyone I knew was still on pink frosted lipstick. I was a trendsetter. Eventually, through hard work and an immense amount of peer pressure I convinced my posse of gals to change over. We ruled the malls with our mini pink backpacks firmly over both shoulders with our Lip Glow in an assortment of different fruit flavours within arms reach to be pulled out should any young man appear on our radar.


As soon as MAC opened its revered door in South Africa I graduated to MAC Lipglass in Lust. Now this I wore for many years. I still in fact always have one in my makeup kit. It is a thick not too sticky caramel flavoured gloss in a lovely warm nude shade that really does suit most people. When a bride wants a glossy lip this teamed with Sub Culture lip pencil is most definitely always a winner.


Having grown up and of course having a larger pay check led to many possibilities. The choices were endless. Then entered Lip Plumpers. Who knew. I was finished. SOMETHING TO MAKE YOUR LIPS PLUMPER AND A GLOSS! I then began the great hunt to get the most effective one possible. I started out with Du Wop’s Lip Venom, the original plumper I think. Zipping through Pout in Covant Garden on one frantic London shopping spree I came across this gem. It is a clear gloss with a cinnomoany ,delicious scent, guaranteed to make your Angelina’s WOW! It really worked. That was my staple plumper for a couple of years. I then wondered if there was maybe something better. I tried everything…Kangol, MAC, ModelCo, Rimmel, Sally Hansen. Nothing came close until I found Too Faced Lip Injection EXTREME which I ordered on This did me fine for a couple of tubes and then I struck gold. Soap And Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss. Winner! It is a clear gloss that just glides perfectly over your lips. This gloss really does have the most amazing plumping abilities. Five minutes after applying this gloss your lips will look so pouty and kissable. This amazing gloss I picked up from Boots in the UK and unfortunately no one at all ships it to South Africa. So if you are going London side anytime soon…

I am now testing out GlamGlow Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment. So far so good! Please let me know in the comments some of your favorite lip plumper.

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