What Elijah is wearing.


I love shoes. I make no bones about the fact that I am a shoes addict. A somewhat unsuccessful shoe addict as I can never find any shoes in my size. I was a size 1 before Elijah and now I am sometimes a size 2 on a good day. I am not  sure if you know, only one or two shops will stock a ladies size 2 and in actual fact most start at a size 4. Having started my career in fashion and styling the latest shoe was always something I was longing to have but off to the kiddies section I would have to go.




And then along comes Elijah and I can buy him all the shoes in the world. And I know all about all children’s shoes, as that is what I mostly buy for myself. But for me beauty equals pain and I do not mind wearing badly made, ill-fitting shoes if they look nice! But I definitely do not want that for my son. Fit and comfort is so important when your feet are growing and you are learning to walk. My very dear friend ,Candice bought Elijah his first pair of shoes. A pair of handcrafted, genuine leather brown sneakers  Shooshoos with bronze stripes going down them. And the love affair with Shooshoos started. I love them and Elijah loves them. Win win. I still have those shoes and am quite tempted to have them cast in bronze.


As Elijah is nearly 3 years old we have graduated from the soft soled Shooshoos to the hard soled ones. We love their fur-lined, hard soled boots, especially the ones with tassels at the top as they look quite boho chic and go so well with quite a few of his outfits. We like to dress up to a theme in case you had not  noticed. The boots keep Elijah’s feet so warm and he sometimes wears them as slippers at night when it is freezing as they are just that warm and comfy.




The new Kicks are just totally cute! Hi tops that are comfortable and stylish. And they go with everything, not only when we are having activewear days. These are probably Elijah’s favorite shoes at the moment. They are good for running, playing, adventuring and looking oh so on trend. Elijah feels like he can walk on air in these. And he sometimes does!


Then my favorite collection recently launched and we just had to have a pair. The Classics Collection. I love Elijah to wear timeless pieces that speak of yesteryear, I want him to dress like a little boy for as long as he can. And the fact that these shoes look like they would be worn by the Royal children does not hurt at all! Still with all the comfort and craftsmanship of all the other shoes in the range. We can not wait to see what they have in store for summer. Well done Shooshoos you are winning! Now if only you could perhaps make them in my size?







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