Saturday Markets

Saturday Markets

EarthFair Food Market


Elijah and I  are planning on making the most of the rest of the Winter holidays. We have had real FOMO (fear of missing out for those over 20) hearing about the fun things all the kiddies have been getting up to. We woke up early on Saturday morning to a grey, cloudy day with the prediction of rain for the afternoon. We have planned a playdate for the afternoon but decided to go out and explore a little bit before the bad weather arrived. We wrapped up warmly in coats and scraves and set off for the morning.


Elijah and I love a good market and  EarthFair Food Market    is as good as it gets. It is just up the road in Tokai and open every Saturday 9am till 2pm and every Wednesday evening from 3pm to 8.30pm. We love just looking at all the stores, tasting all the yummy things that are on offer to purchase and having a little go in the dedicated children’s area. Don’t worry parents there are lovely take away lattes on hand.


We both of us perused all the stores,  bought some lovely marrow bones and lamb cuts from the Grass Fed butcher so I can make us a lovely pot of soup for the cold weather. Elijah also chose some fresh vegetables to throw in the pot. We shared the most gorgeous cauliflower base Banting pizza. So moreish and totally big enough to even bring home for a snack later. Elijah had a go at sand art, which he always loves and I indulged in a yummy on tap Kombuchu tea to help me get back on track after this terrible virus. The looks on people’s faces as I was walking to our car, toddler in tow with what looked like a large plastic cup of beer was a little concerning and I actually did say to a few people who were staring that it is not beer. I hope they believed me.

As we were leaving we walked past the flower seller and my gorgeous little boy wanted to get me flowers. And he even chose them himself. White carnations. All the other shoppers stopped to watch this kind, sweet act and obviously Elijah was so chuffed by the attention. My heart was so full and it was just what I needed after this horrible week.

I hope to bump into some of you all there as we shall defiantly be going again. If just to get a bunch of flowers from Elijah.





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  1. Lynette

    😓 the flowers just made me cry xxx

    1. Angela Rea

      Me too and I think everyone around us. He is such a special boy. Xx

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