Winter School Holidays

Winter School Holidays

The mid year school holidays started with a bang. One times doctors visit on Break up day and two times diagnosis of the Adenovirus. Yuck. All my plans of diligently following Kathryn from Becoming You’s amazing list of things to do in the holidays with kids came crashing down. Instead, loaded up with a whole lot of medication, one very sad little boy and one exhausted mama we limped into the holidays curled up uncomfortably in my bed. I was sneezing, he was sneezing, I was coughing, he was coughing and we both just generally felt rotten. We both felt so bad we didn’t even have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out for us older folk) of all the other children getting out and doing amazing things.



And there  we stayed for a week and a bit. There were some very hairy moments( I will not go into detail), not much eating, a whole lot of flinging medicine across the room and just generally NO seemed to be the word of the moment. Thank you to all my friends and family who rallied around to bring us food, medication and DVDs for little one to watch. I now have a PAW Patrol addict on my hands.

While we were in the midst of mountains of tissues the kind people at  My Fun Box sent us one of their monthly subscription activity boxes to try out. Initially it just sat on the shelf, as the only activity I was doing was running after Elijah trying to change his nappy while he was screaming “No I am a big boy”.( Can we get Discovery points for that?) But now that we are both on the mend we have dived into the box and are having great fun doing all of the activities. The boxes cater for 4 to 6 year olds and I know Elijah is not yet 3 years old but we have still had so much fun doing the puzzles and crafts etc together. He just needs to be supervised. The box is so great for quiet and bonding time, especially while recuperating from a nasty virus.

Try out My Fun Box if you are looking for some exciting, educational activities for your little one to do. They deliver to your door once a month for less then R300.

Now that we are better we are hitting the toddler holiday scene with such force no one will see us coming.

Have fun!





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