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Dove Baby South Africa recently invited a whole lot of media and bloggers to their informative and oh so stylish launch of their new brand. They asked us there what our biggest question about this new range is. My question is definitely WHY DID IT TAKE THEM SO LONG to bring something like this out! These products are just incredible. Elijah’s pediatrician recommended a very expensive lotion for his sensitive, eczema prone skin, one that I have recommended to so many of my friends and readers but the price point is always a factor. Along comes Dove, which we have trusted and relied upon for our own skins for nearly 60 years and makes a baby range, and the game has changed.


The launch was beautiful, the food was amazing, the conversation flowing. We were treated to a 5 star experience. Getting to meet bloggers in person when we have already formed strong friendships on social media was so special. The panel discussion was so interesting and personal. I am sure we all had a tear in our eyes at some stage. The whole theme centered around “What Is Your Way”. Baby Dove believes that “There are no perfect mothers, only real ones”. And I am sure we have all learnt that the hard way.




But what I was most interested in was the clinical trials and science behind the range. After the panel discussion on motherhood we made our way to the “laboratory” they had created to get down to the nitty-gritty. The experts went into detail on all the research they had done on the range so that we know that our babies skin is in good hands. Our children are so special to us and as their skin is their largest organ we owe it to them to look after it well, while we as parents still have any influence over them. That is a topic for another blog post though.

The range is dermatologist and pediatrician tested, but what I wanted to do was to mom test it. How lucky were we that we were all sent home with one of each in the range. I raced home to bathe Elijah, not such a bad task as bath time is our favourite time of the day. Well, I am pleased to tell you that Baby Dove passes the scary test of “will Elijah’s skin react badly to it” with flying colours. Baby Dove is available in 2 ranges, sensitive and rich moisture, and even the rich moisture range suited Elijah’s delicate skin perfectly.


The range is large, there are 10 products, 2 body washes well as a lovely traditional soap bar, shampoo, nappy cream, petroleum jelly,  sensitive and rich moisture lotions as well as the two different types of baby wipes. And let’s talk baby wipes. How many of these do we go through? It is so refreshing to find a brand that smells lovely, has the perfect amount of moisture, does not tear while on the job and I am keeping the best for last, comes out one at a time. No more trying to shove the unused wipes back in the pack or throwing them away because, they all behave and come out as they should.

“There are no perfect moms only real ones” Baby Dove

Look out for the range in store from 1 July





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